Poilievre responds to a media article depicting him as being sympathetic to the “far right”


Conservative MP and leader candidate Pierre Poirievre has criticized the media for publishing an article accusing him and some of his colleagues of sympathizing for the “far right.” .. “

“One of the so-called journalists in Global News criticized the federal government’s unscientific and discriminatory vaccine obligations and decided to hurt me and thousands of other Canadians,” Poilievre said. Tweet July 7.

Poilievre commented on July 7th in Global News paper “How close is it to the far right? Why some experts are worried about Canadian MPs.”

The article criticizes veteran James Top, who walked all over Canada to protest vaccination obligations, and Poirievre and other conservative MPs for Freedom Convoy.

The experts quoted in the article academic Both taxpayer-funded directors of Canada’s anti-hate network have been steadily critical of freedom-themed protests.

The theory in this article is that some supporters of Topp and Freedom Convoy have a “far-right view”, so MPs who support Topp and the free movement may “justify an extreme idea.” That is.

“In addition to reporting the news, non-expert journalists like you try to set up dishonest traps to attack your enemies,” Poilievre said in a statement in response to this article.

According to a statement on July 7, Poilievre will continue to support those who want to restore their freedom, while blaming those who “engage in illegal behavior or express their vicious views.”

The statement adds that Poilievre cannot be held liable for the “words and deeds” of everyone he has met and the “words and deeds” of those he has never met.


Aaron Wudrick of MacDonald-Laurier Institute Tweet As a “perfect political Rorschach test”.

“This story and its reaction is a perfect political Rorschach test. For those who dislike it. [Poilievre], These are important questions and he has thin skin / cage!To the person you like [Poilievre] It’s a perfect example of an overly prejudiced story and a reaction without a legitimate apology! “

The Rorschach test is a psychological test in which an abstract image is provided to the person under examination and is asked to provide an interpretation of the image.

A few journalist Said Poilievre should have simply answered the question easily, but others pointed out that journalists seem to have existing prejudices.

“Let me ask repeatedly every two weeks if he’s a white supremacist, and if he says no, I’ll write an article explaining how he really is. Definitely journalism. ” Said Poilievre spokesman Anthony Koch tweeted on July 7th.

Poilievre is estimated to be a leading candidate for Tory leadership races.He claimed his campaign was signed in June 300,000 A new party member.Disqualified candidate Patrick Brown claimed to have signed 150,000..

The number of new members who have reportedly signed Poilievre is less than half of the total 675,000 members of the Conservative Party.

Noe Chartier


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