Poilievre supports Alberta’s concerns about federal ‘just transition’ law

Federal Conservative Party Leader Pierre Polyvre He said he supports her concerns about what Alberta Prime Minister Daniel Smith calls Ottawa’s anti-oil and gas policy.

Polyvre He told reporters in Calgary that when he recently met with his Alberta Conservative counterpart in Ottawa, they discussed health care, public safety and defending Canada’s oil sector.

Smith has voiced opposition to a pending federal law called “Just Transition,” which is billed to help Canadian workers adapt to the global move to renewable energy.

Smith has accused the liberal federal government of imposing discriminatory policies and laws on non-renewable resource development, frustrating Alberta’s energy sector, she said.

In December, the United Conservative government passed the Sovereignty Act, giving Alberta the power to direct agencies to ignore federal laws and initiatives deemed harmful to the province’s interests. But Smith has not committed to using state law to refute federal “just transition” laws.

Polyvre A federal agenda would make Canada dependent on a foreign polluting dictatorship and allow Russian President Vladimir Putin to continue to control European energy markets to fund the war against Ukraine.

“I share Alberta’s concerns about (Prime Minister Justin) Trudeau’s anti-energy and anti-resources agenda.” Polyvre Said. “He wants to phase out our oil sands. He says Southern Ontario should move away from manufacturing. He attacked our mining sector.

“Every time Justin Trudeau attacks our energy sector, it puts a big smile on Vladimir Putin’s face.”