Point Blank throws a hat into the ring to design a replacement for US Army Bradley

Washington- Point blank company The latest non-traditional business that came out of woodworking US Army concept car design phase competitor Replace Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.

On April 26, the company announced on its website that it had submitted a bid almost two weeks after the Army’s solicitation deadline.

While believed to be owned by other SMEs and non-traditional companies Bid on the optional Manned Fighting Vehicle (OMFV) programThe only other company published as a bidder is Michigan-based Mettle Ops. Defense News first reported its participation.

Companies like MettleOps and PointBlank are vulnerable, but they have room to play as the service plans to select up to five teams to create a preliminary design.

Leading defense contractors competing for the opportunity to design platforms are General Dynamics Land Systems, BAE Systems, and a team led by Rheinmetall North America of Raytheon Technologies, Textron, and L3 Harris. Defense News also first reported that Oshkosh Defense has submitted a bid and is affiliated with South Korea’s leading defense company Hanwha.

Mark Edwards, executive vice president of Point Blank, based in Florida, said the company “sees the Army’s” non-traditional OMFV program approach as a great opportunity to continue diversifying. ” [Point Blank Enterprises] By leveraging core competencies in collaborative digital engineering design management, survival system engineering, and team formation and leadership of the industry’s best large and small defense companies. “

The Army completely revamped its approach after the first attempt to host an OMFV tournament was completed. There is only one bid sample from GDLS in October 2019. The only other entry, Rheinmetall and Raytheon team Lynx41Was disqualified because it was not delivered on time to the Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland.

Incumbent BAE Systems resigned a few months ago Deadline for concerns related to the Army’s ambitious schedule.

Instead of moving forward with just one option Army canceled OMFV competition We then planned to take a step back and promote strong competition on a more rational timeline.

The Army has not only withdrawn plans to request physical bid samples As part of a rebootInstead, we planned a five-step effort, starting with the initial design phase, moving to the detailed design phase, and then prototyping, testing, and production.

These designs will be communicated in the simplified concept development documentation, which will be published in the first quarter of 2022.

According to Edwards, PointBlank will work directly with Kheshig Mobile Power Systems to work with other “experienced large defense companies and innovative SMEs with advanced technology that may not have had the opportunity.” We have an engineering and manufacturing design team that includes a large group. If you don’t want to participate in this unique Army program, please join us. “

Point Blank has about 48 years of experience in developing body armor, according to its website, but also promotes survival solutions such as advanced and lightweight armor across the platform, from ships to helicopters to vehicles. doing.

“The team’s concept design is to fully inform the U.S. Army of what is possible today with next-generation combat vehicles with a truly modular, technology-independent open system approach to power, information, and physical architecture. It helps, “said Frank Jones, Chief Technology Officer of Keshik. The officer said in a statement.

“OMFV design concept [Point Blank Enterprises] Proposed to fully enable the Army to quickly adapt and extend the platform to new threats, change missions, and incorporate ever-evolving integration capabilities as new defense technologies become available. I did, “he added.

Keshik leverages robust mobility and agility through distributed redundant hybrid electric drivetrains, best-in-class survivability, unprecedented exportable power, and scalability to mature cross-domain operational flexibility. We plan to enhance the capabilities of future fighter aircraft with an innovative combat vehicle platform, in real time, “said James Blackburn, CEO of the company.

Key Point Blank brands include Point Blank Body Armor, Protective Apparel Corporation of America, Protective Products, Paraclete, Protective Group, Advanced Technology Group, First Tactical, Gould & Goodrich. According to the company, the company is “the world’s largest supplier of bulletproof vest systems and system integrators.”

The service will spend $ 4.6 billion on OMFV from 2010 to 2014, so it’s looking at industry input faster than ever before.

Following the concept design phase, the Army will move to the detailed design phase, which will be carried out from FY2011 to FY2012. The prototyping phase will begin in 2013. Vehicle testing will begin in FY2014, and production decisions are scheduled for the following year in the fourth quarter of FY2015. Full-rate production is scheduled to begin in the second quarter of 2018.

The Army plans to select five teams to advance to the June tournament.

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