Poirivre overtakes Trudeau as prime ministerial candidate, new poll reveals

A new poll shows more respondents prefer newly minted Conservative Party leader Pierre Polivre as Canada’s prime minister compared to incumbent Justin Trudeau.

of Ipsos pollon behalf of global newsOf the 1,002 Canadian adults surveyed, 35% say Poirivre is the front-runner for prime minister, while 31% are behind Conservative leaders in key provinces. He said he still trusts Mr. Trudeau, who holds the

A new poll, conducted Sept. 19-20 and released Sept. 29, found Polivre leading in every province except British Columbia, Quebec and Atlantic Canada. I was.

In British Columbia, where Trudeau has traditionally been more popular, a poll found that Trudeau was favored by 38% of respondents, just two percentage points ahead of Polivre.

In Ontario, where the Conservative Party has struggled to win voters for years, 41% of respondents favored Poilievre compared to 34% for Trudeau.

previous vote

The new poll follows another poll released by Ipsos a day earlier on Sept. 28 and shows the Tory party making a slight step forward.

A previous poll exclusively for Global News, conducted from 19 September to 21 September, found the Conservatives leading the Liberals by five points among voters.

Of the 1,000 Canadian adults surveyed, 35% said they preferred the Tories, compared to 30% for the Liberal Party, 20% for the NDP and 7% nationally for Bloc Quebec. The gap was wider in Ontario, where 37% of respondents said they would vote Conservative, compared with 30% of them who voted Liberal.

In total, two-thirds (67%) of respondents said it was time for liberals to give way to another party, while support for Trudeau’s re-election was lower than the polls conducted. decreased by 4% to 33%. The same time as last fall when I was just re-elected on September 20, 2021.

A new poll released on September 29 shows that respondents now view the Liberal leader more negatively than the new Conservative leader.

Notably, 37% of respondents said Trudeau was “crazy” as prime minister, compared to 21% for Polivre.

Both Ipsos polls have a margin of error of plus or minus 3.5 percent 19 out of 20.

Andrew Chen


Andrew Chen is a reporter for the Epoch Times based in Toronto.