“Pokémon Grand Rally” is now available on iOS and Android


Pokémon Rally

Pokémon Unite

As planned, after the free-to-play MOBA game “Pokémon Grand Rally” was launched on the Switch in July, it is now officiallySigned in to iOS and Android platforms. In order to prepare for the mobile game version, the official has previously pushed relevant updates, including cross-platform support and mobile phone and Switch account interoperability. In addition, with the launch of the mobile version, the official also added a new Unite team function. It allows trainers to form teams or search for new teams to join, and teams can also use tags to find like-minded players.

It is worth mentioning that the developer The Pokémon Company also stated that it is developing a new model, hoping to “make the game for players of different item levels fair.” The specific details have not yet been disclosed, but I think it should be to balance the gap between the tuition fee and free players.