Poland states that hackers have compromised some MP email accounts

Warsaw — Recently, email accounts of about 12 MPs were hacked, Poland’s counterintelligence said Friday, revealing details of one of the country’s largest cyberattacks in recent years.

Authorities revealed two weeks after officials said Polish officials were hit by a widespread cyberattack in June, affecting more than 100 email accounts of current and former government officials. I did.

Among the compromised accounts was reportedly the personal account of Michal Dworczyk, the prime minister’s top aide.

In a statement on Friday, counterintelligence officials said parliamentarians attacked by the hack came from almost every opposition group, and affected people were notified and received cybersecurity training.

The statement did not identify the hacked legislator.

Polish counterintelligence said on June 22 that evidence showed a link between hackers and Russia’s secret services.

The attack was carried out by a hacker known as UNC1151, and the group’s actions have been part of a campaign known as a ghostwriter targeting Polish politicians in recent months, affecting other countries in the region. He added that he was exerting.

The Kremlin and the Kremlin have repeatedly denied the execution or acceptance of cyberattacks in response to US allegations of cyberattacks on US territory, Ukraine and Saudi Arabia.

The Polish House of Representatives did not get immediate comments.

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