Police are standing by a policeman detaining a black realtor, a customer looking at a house


Michigan police are standing by a group of police officers. Pulled their guns and handcuffed realtorsA potential home buyer and his 15-year-old son, all three were black and were traveling home on Sundays.

Wyoming Department of Public Safety officials said in a statement that police officers acted appropriately when surrounding Wyoming homes and demanded that three people come out after receiving a call about a burglary there. He said he did.

“As a result of a thorough internal review of the behavior of each public security officer in response to this case, he concluded that race did not play a role in treating the temporarily detained individual, and the staff appropriately. I responded. ” The statement said.

Real estate agent Eric Brown said he was taking his client Roy Thorne and his son to his home in Wyoming, Michigan, and noticed a growing police presence outside.  (WOOD TV)

Real estate agent Eric Brown said he was taking his client Roy Thorne and his son to his home in Wyoming, Michigan, and noticed a growing police presence outside. (WOOD TV)

Eric Brown, 46, of Grand Rapids Real Estate, told Roy Thorne and Sammy, Thorne’s son, a double-decker when he saw police officers pulling out guns and roaming the property early in the afternoon. I was touring my house. Brown told NBC News.. Brown said he had access to a lockbox to hold the house key and put himself in, as he always does when working as a realtor.

What Brown didn’t know was that the man had been detained on suspicion of illegally entering the house about a week ago. The neighbor found Brown entering the house and called the police, and the man “returned” to the dispatcher. His car is sitting in front of me. ” Call voice.. Apparently, the suspect’s black Mercedes resembled Brown’s Black Genesis, police said.

At least five police cars were on the scene, and Brown, Thorn, and Thorn’s son were handcuffed.

A body camera video shows three people leaving the house with their hands in the air, surrounded by police cars blocking the street. Brown said he believes Thorn and Sammy are racially profiled.

Mr Brown said he took out his wallet to look for his business card, showed him how to get the key out of his keybox at home, and after he was convinced he was a real estate agent, he removed his handcuffs and apologized.

Brown added that Sammy was “obviously terrified and traumatized by the situation,” and said he was afraid of their lives.

“I was afraid of my life, so I got a shell shock that’this isn’t right’and now I’m a little angry,” he said. “I was definitely guilty of breaking into this house, and I had the key to it.”

The country was in an era of racism and was heightened by a summer of protests against organized racism and police atrocities. George Floyd It is under the control of the police. Brown said he and Thorn were talking to a lawyer.

However, Wyoming police said the review revealed that police officers were not doing anything wrong. Officials said their actions “followed departmental policies and training.”

After reviewing the body camera video, the two police officers determined that “there were no policy violations and the police officers acted appropriately based on the information available at that time.”

Police said public security director Kim Coster had contacted Brown and said the agency was arranging a meeting.