Police arrest an environmentalist who blocked a British highway with residential insulation

Police have arrested dozens of environmental opponents who have blocked some of Britain’s busiest highway junctions.

Protests at various chokepoints on the M25 aimed to force the government to improve the insulation of homes, causing long delays for tens of thousands of drivers.

Some drivers on the scene reacted angry, and social media footage showed police trying to pull protesters out of the blockage at a highway roundabout signal before police arrived. ..

At least 74 people were arrested.

Although similar in tactics and goals, the group has no clear link to Extinction Rebellion, which has deliberately caused confusion and brought people back to environmental problems over the past two weeks.

Protesters in favor of destructive tactics were boosted by a recent appeal decision that overturned convictions related to various controversial protest methods.

But that comes when a new police bill that aims to put this kind of devastating tactic in a pinch begins to pass Congress.

A group named Insulate Britain said it was behind the highway turmoil.

It describes itself as “a new group that demands that the government continue to work to segregate British homes.”

The website warned that the turmoil on Monday morning was “just the beginning” and “action will continue until the government makes a meaningful promise to insulate Britain’s 29 million leaky homes.” ..

Protests were staged in various locations around the M25 around London through various police jurisdictions.

Sally police said they had arrested 34 people since the protests began during the morning rush hour.

“Protesters from British insulators were arrested on suspicion of pollution and deliberate obstruction,” Sally police said in a recent update around 2 pm.

Confusion occurred at at least four junctions, including one at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5, and 14 people were arrested by the Metropolitan Police. The junction will reopen.

Essex police said 12 people were arrested at junction 31 on suspicion of a highway block.

According to the BBC, an additional 14 people were arrested by Hertfordshire police, for a total of 74 people.

Liam Norton, a 36-year-old electrician from London, one of the protesters’ supporters, said in a statement on the group’s website: Insulating the UK reduces emissions, provides hundreds of thousands of jobs and prevents older people from dying in cold homes every winter. “

“As soon as we make a statement that we are credible and meaningful, we leave the road.”

AA President Edmond King said:

“These are some of the busiest sections of the M25 that affect tens of thousands of drivers and negatively impact economic activity.”

PA contributed to this report.

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