Police arrested for shooting at a house party in New Jersey

Police arrested a male suspect in connection with a deadly shooting on a weekend at a house party in Bridgeton, NJ, killing two and injuring 12 officials, officials said.

New jersey police station Said in a statement On Monday, Bridgeton’s 36-year-old Kevin Dawkins was arrested and taken to a Cumberland County prison until a bail detention hearing was held.

The relationship with Dawkins’ shooting remains unclear, and police say he was charged with illegal possession of weapons, possession of large magazines, and possession of weapons for illegal purposes.

According to police, the two victims killed in the shooting were identified as 25-year-old Asia Hester and 30-year-old Kevin Elliott.

Talk in Press conference On Monday, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy called the shooting “terrifying and horrifying,” adding that a request for active investigation would prevent the details of the case from being released.

Some of the 12 injured fled with minor injuries and were released from the hospital, while others “continue to fight for their lives,” Murphy said.

“Many others in attendance suffer emotional wounds on Saturday night,” he added.

Attorney General Gurbir Grewal said at a news conference that the shootings during the house’s birthday party were targeted attacks.

“This wasn’t a random act of violence,” Grewal said, and investigators worked to retrieve multiple guns and determine if they were used to commit other acts of violence in the area. is.

Colonel Patrick Callahan, the director of state police, told reporters at a press conference that he expected further arrests.

“Witness interviews are still taking place and digital evidence is being restored,” Callahan said. “Search warrants have been executed and forensic evidence has been analyzed. Many firearms have been recovered from various locations, and as the AG stated, one has been arrested and further arrests are expected. . “

Grewar’s office said in a statement (pdfThe police responded to a home on East Commerce Street around 11:50 pm on Saturday in Fairfield Township, about an hour away from Philadelphia. They found two victims with deadly gunshot wounds and at least one seriously injured.

“This was a birthday party,” Murphy said. “Birthday parties should be a fun event and not the target of those who are enthusiastic about harming the community.”

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