Police beat a woman and arrested a man who was accused of dragging her body


Fresno, California (AP) —Crisis in central California after a man suspected of being fatally assaulted with a victim’s body dragged more than eight miles (13 km) after jumping from a three-story home Was in a state of being. Authorities said the agent tried to arrest him.

Lieutenant Brian Valles of the Fresno Police told Fresno Bee that 38-year-old Sean Ginder was arrested by the Sheriff’s Office in Madera County late Friday.

According to Valles, Ginder jumped from a three-story house in Baslake, a town about 50 miles (80 km) northeast of Fresno, the site of a hit-and-run on Friday, and was taken to a hospital and placed on the critical list. I did. Condition.

Fresno police said in a social media post that the hit-and-run suspect was under the control of the Madera County Sheriff’s Office, but did not provide information. The sheriff’s office dispatcher introduced all the questions to the Fresno police, but did not immediately answer the message asking for comment on Saturday.

The hit-and-run victim was a 29-year-old woman who was pushing a shopping cart and tied her dog to a string when she hit a silver pickup truck at the intersection of Hahndon and Milburn in Fresno, police. she said. The truck driver didn’t stop and dragged the woman’s body into the hotel parking lot for a few miles.

At the hotel, the driver parked the truck, went outside, went to the lobby, and asked for a room, according to Fresno police. When the man was told that there were no seats available, another hotel guest saw the woman’s partial body coming off from under the pickup truck and called the police, he left and pulled the truck back. rice field.

Hours after the woman was found dead, according to Valles, police officers found Ginder’s heavily damaged pickup truck in the Fresno apartment complex where Ginder lives. Later Friday, a member of the Madera County Sheriff’s Office found Ginder at his home in Baslake.

Police said the woman was identified and believed to be homeless, but her name was not disclosed at this time due to respect for her and her loved ones.