Police body camera video shows a teen raising his arms before a shot

Chicago (AP) — Police Body Camera Video Policeman shooting a 13 year old boy According to a lawyer in the boy’s family, he appears to be raising his hand in the air shortly before the ammunition is fired.

The May 18 shooting on the west side of the city left the boy paralyzed.

The video is from a policeman’s body camera chasing a 13-year-old man who appears to have been a passenger in a stolen car. The footage is from another officer involved in the chase.

Andrew Stroth, a lawyer for the boy’s family, said, “Let’s be clear. The video shows an unarmed black boy fleeing the police, following what he heard from the police and handing for no reason. Listed. Or a provocation is shot. “

The names of officers have not been announced, WLS-TV His lawyer, Timothy Grace, said he had issued a statement that police believed the boy was armed with a gun. Investigators said he had never found a gun on the scene.

“Police officers need to make a momentary decision, and the law not only understands it, but allows it,” Grace said. Rather, it is necessary to judge the actions of law enforcement officers from the perspective of rational police officers. “

Police accountability private offices are continuing to investigate and have not made a decision.Officers are restricted to Desk work..

The boy’s family Filed a federal proceeding Against the city.The proceedings identify the boy only by initial AG