Police chief apologizes to a Louisiana woman quoted for wearing shorts and a crop top


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Casey LaCaze-Lachney, a woman in Winnfield, Louisiana, received an indecent exposure while attending a downtown festival and appealed to TikTok. La Caze-Lachney and her lawyer, Randall T. Hayes, met with Winfield Police Chief on Tuesday, July 12.

Hayes and La Caze-Lachney met with police chief Johnny Ray Carpenter and Winnfield City lawyer Herman Castete on Tuesday. Mr. Hayes said both Carpenter and Castete admitted that Lacay’s Lacney did not violate the city’s indecent exposure ordinance.

“Mr. Castete said he would officially reject the citation,” Hayes said. “Both men told us that there was no body camera video of the incident. According to Carpenter, not all officers were able to turn on the camera.”

Hayes reports that Carpenter said Lieutenant Chuck Curry had instructed the three police officers to issue their indecent exposures. Doris Pilett, a Winfield police correspondent, confirmed that one of the three police officers was Lieutenant Curry’s wife, Angie Curry.

“This means that the ordinance was improperly enforced not only by the three lower-level officers, but also by the lieutenant of the police station,” Hayes explained. “It also means that those officers couldn’t turn on their body cameras, even though they were addressing the issues dictated by the adjutant.”

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According to Hayes, Carpenter found a video taken by a bystander at the festival showing some of the encounters between LaCaze-Lachney and police officers. Carpenter confirmed in a viral video that he was wearing the same outfit he was currently wearing on viral TikTok.

“I’m pleased that Casey was officially exonerated,” Hayes said. “Thanks to Secretary Carpenter for his polite apology. Thanks to both Secretary Carpenter and Mr. Castete for admitting the mistakes the department made in this situation. But I am not completely satisfied. Some I wonder how many times the city’s ordinances and other ordinances have been improperly enforced for people who weren’t as savvy as Casey and weren’t proven. is needed.”

Hayes and La Caze-Lachney are deciding how to proceed with the information provided at the meeting.

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LaCaze-Lachney posted an update on his TikTok account on Tuesday, July 12, praising Carpenter’s apology and posting followers on the progress of the meeting.

“The police chief is completely respectful of me,” La Caze-Lachney said in the video. “He looked at me today and apologized on behalf of everyone.” I’m sorry you experienced it, you shouldn’t have experienced it. “He opposed me. No, none of them are against me. “

The Times asked Winfield Police Chief Carpenter for comment, but did not respond.

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