Police establish an exclusion zone for protesters in Central Ottawa

Ottawa, Canada-On February 17, police in Ottawa set up a restricted access zone around the center of Canada’s capital, which truck drivers, their rigs, and supporters have occupied for more than three weeks.

Under the recently introduced emergency law, people are denied entry into areas designated as “safe areas”. This area is within a 2 square mile area surrounded by a canal from Bronson Avenue and Parliament Hill from Queensway.

In a statement, Ottawa police said, “Anyone can enter a safe area if they fall under the exemption from regulation.”

Epoch Times Photo
On February 17, 2022, a snowstorm covered the camp of protesters in central Ottawa. (Richard Moore / The Epoch Times)

The tax exemption is intended for people who live, work or move in the area “other than attending or facilitating the rally”.

It’s about joining the protesters.

You can also enter the area with the permission of the police, or if law enforcement officers or civil servants go to work.

Taxi drivers are not exempt and cannot enter the closed area to receive fares for those who want to go to the airport. Even the city’s light rail has been thwarted from entering the area.

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Protesters bravely confronted the freeze conditions overnight in central Ottawa on February 17, 2022. (Richard Moore / The Epoch Times)

When the hotel staff tried to get a job, it took up to two hours to get there on the morning of February 18th.

One said he stopped at all the major intersections leading to the city center and wondered why he was heading there.

“Be aware that if you enter a protected area for the purpose of violating emergency law, you may be arrested or prosecuted,” Ottawa police said.

Epoch Times Photo
On February 17, 2022, a snowstorm covered the vehicle in central Ottawa. (Richard Moore / The Epoch Times)

Two protesters have been arrested in the last 24 hours.

Tamara Rich and Chris Barber were detained.

The price includes counseling for mischief.

Discussions on the House of Commons’ emergency law, which was set on February 18, have been cancelled.

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