Police find 87 illegal immigrants and arrest two men

Skopje, North Macedonia — North Macedonian police say they found 87 illegal immigrants packed in trucks with trailers in the south of the country and arrested two men for smuggling immigrants.

Police said illegal immigrants, including 45 Syrians, 39 Pakistanos, two Congolese and one Indian, were found during regular inspections on the highway near the border town of Gevgerya. rice field.

Two Macedonian citizens identified as AA and MJ by initials alone were arrested. If convicted, they face up to five years in prison.

It is believed that immigrants illegally invaded from Greece, headed for Serbia, and then for wealthier European countries. Illegal immigrants were transferred to the reception center in Gevgelija while waiting for deportation to Greece.

According to police, the Balkan route for immigrants through North Macedonia has been congested after the COVID-19 pandemic lifted the travel ban.

Associated Press