Police find evidence of a missing boy and his father in an Amber Alert case

Montreal — An item used by a 3-year-old boy and his alleged kidnapper was found on the south bank of the St. Lawrence River, northeast of Quebec City. ..

On the third day, Quebec police searched for Jake Kote, the subject of an Amber Alert.

According to police, the main search area is around the town of Saint-Paul on the Gaspe Peninsula, where 36-year-old David Kote kidnapped his son.

Amber Alert was expanded to the entire state and part of New Brunswick on Wednesday after investigators discovered an all-terrain vehicle believed to be used in the trowel.

“From the beginning, ground investigations and investigations have allowed us to discover the objects used by David and Jake Trowel,” state police said in a news release on Friday.

“Analysis of these objects confirmed that the DNA found in them belonged to David and Jake Côté.”

Police said the finding confirmed that the father and son had been in the search area since the Amber Alert was issued.

“The ground search for Jake and David Kote is a constant effort,” police release said. “Several police officers and a dedicated team will continue to search the Santopol area all night.”

Residents of the area were warned that police officers would use loudspeakers and voice carriers to broadcast messages and attempt to communicate with trowels.

“At this point, I’m sure I know my father and son are alive,” police said.

Late Thursday, police said the suspect believed he was hiding in a jungle, and Kote had wilderness survival skills and survived with his son using materials collected from nearby chalets and trailers. Said that it can be done.

Police advised the general public not to keep an eye out for unusual things, to avoid taking part in the search away from the forest, as the trowel may be armed.

The suspect is 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighs about 180 pounds, has brown hair and blue eyes.

According to police, the last thing he saw was a dark sweater with a black logo and black army-style trousers.

The boy has short hair, has the image of a blue camouflage number 6 or 9, and is described as wearing a T-shirt with silver stripes on the sleeves and bottom.

Canadian press