Police handcuffed a black realtor and his client when he was showing his house after a neighbor called and said he had invaded.


Police lights


  • A black realtor was showing his client the house when police surrounded the house with a gun.

  • Police told the realtor that the neighbor had called because he thought the neighbor was invading the house.

  • Members of the National Association of Realtors and the client told local media outlets that they believed were racially profiled.

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A black realtor in Wyoming, Michigan, was showing real estate to a customer last weekend when police arrived and handcuffed.

Eric Brown shows his client Roy Thorne and Thorne’s 15-year-old son, all black, when police surround the house, pull a gun, and order him to go out on Sunday afternoon. I did. Washington post report. The entire group was handcuffed and placed in separate vehicles.

Police told them that the house broke a few weeks ago and their neighbors said it was happening again. They said they thought their neighbors thought they recognized their car as the same black Mercedes used by the intruder.

According to the post, the cars outside the house were Chevrolet and Hyundai when the police arrived.

When Brown was handcuffed, he was able to show police his real estate agent status and explain why they were at home. After clearing the situation, police immediately released them and apologized.

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But Brown and Thorn told a local outlet Wood tv They felt racially profiled.

“The level of reaction and the aggression of the reaction were definitely regained, which really brought me back,” Brown said.

He told the post that he thought he would die today.

Mr. Thorn was worried about his son, and police officers apologized many times, but said he was “damaged.”

“My son was a little worried, he has never seen anything like that … he’s not going to forget this,” Thorn told WOOD-TV.

Wyoming police said the police response was a protocol and had no “racial component.”

Dashboard and body camera The footage released on WOOD-TV by the Wyoming State Public Security Bureau shows how the incident unfolded.

“It’s a shame that an innocent individual was handcuffed, but our officers responded reasonably and according to departmental policy, based on the information available at the time,” said WDPS.

But Mr Brown said he was now nervous about how to protect himself while working.

“If authorities are called in such a whim to show their home, they’re pretty anxious, nervous, or a little scared about what to do to protect themselves,” he told WOOD-TV. .. “Am I just an automatic criminal? Because it’s almost the same way we were treated in that situation.”

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