Police have an “almost 100% covered” area where California runners can go missing when the search enters the fourth week


update: A body matching the description of missing runner Philip Kreycik was recovered in Pleasanton, California, Pleasanton police said at a press conference held just before 5 pm local time on Tuesday night. Lieutenant Eric Sillac said the citizens had found the body in a remote area about 250 feet from the northern ridge trail.

The body has not yet been clearly identified and the cause of death is unknown.

The Pleasanton Police Department and the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department are at the scene investigating and collecting relevant evidence.

The body was found in part of the jurisdiction of the East Bay Regional Park area, about a quarter mile away from Philip’s intended route.

“Our idea is in the Kreycik family and we are focused on helping them during this difficult time,” said Pleasanton police. statement..

This is an ongoing investigation and anyone who may have seen Philippe Kreichk on the day of his disappearance will be asked to contact the Pleasanton Police Department at (925) 931-5107.

Original report:

After searching for avid runner Philippe Kreichk for nearly a month, police “almost 100% covered” Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park and all areas around it, where Berkeley, California may have a father. It states.

The news arrived on the weekend when the Pleasanton Police Department resumed an official search for a 37-year-old PG & E analyst who has been missing since running on July 10, 2021.

Chris Kneaderhouse, Lieutenant of the Pleasanton Police Department, said on Saturday at a local high school where volunteer search teams gathered, “almost 100% coverage of where he should have been, where he should have been, or where he might appear. I did. “

On Saturday, police crew from 17 Bay Area agencies searched many paths and canyons in the park. They got GPS data from various search teams and confirmed that all locations were searched. This includes the area around Tejan Creek.

Local runners told police that it was not uncommon for runners and hikers to leave the trail many times due to the heat, pass through heavy brushes and return to their cars. The day Philip went missing, the temperature reached 106 degrees Celsius.

Earlier that morning, Jen Yao’s devoted husband and two young children, a three-year-old boy and an 11-month-old girl’s father, said they were leaving Berkeley’s house to do business with his wife. He then ran for an hour at Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park and met his family at Stockton at Jen’s parents’ home later that day.

But he never did it.

Jen told Dateline that he received the text from her husband at 10:45 am. He parked his car in the Moller Trail Staging Area at Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park in the East Bay Area. Philip told her that he was going on a short run of 8 miles and his ETA to Stockton would be at 12:35 pm.

When that time came and left, Jen began to worry. She checked his GPS position on his phone and was confused to discover that he was still in Pleasanton.

“I thought OK, maybe he might have been a little late, but he should have been in Stockton by now,” Jen said. “So I checked his status. Every 10 minutes. And I called him. Text message. And nothing. Not like him.”

At 2:00 pm, Jen called the Pleasanton police station and reported that her husband was missing.

Officers responded to the trailhead in the Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park’s Moller Trail Staging Area that afternoon, discovering that Philip’s vehicle was undisturbed in the parking lot. His cell phone and wallet were under the driver’s seat.

Jen told Dateline that it’s normal to keep such short things in the car, especially while her husband goes for a run. She added that he was wearing a watch, but it didn’t have GPS capabilities.

Extensive searches by police crew and volunteer groups lasted days to weeks. About two weeks later, the investigation was stopped by police.Volunteers and fellow hikers and runners continued their efforts, contributing to ground search and creating a Facebook group. “Find Philip Kreycik” It quickly reached 12K members.

Last week, Philip’s friend and fellow runner Chris Thoburn shared new details on his Facebook page. A security camera at the UPS store where Philip was unloading showed him in and out of the parcel, and a traffic camera and FastTrak in the car were also tracking him to the staging area of ​​the park, he said. I did.

In the post, Toburn speculated that heat exhaustion had hit his friend. Jen told Dateline that he remembers telling her husband to drink water and sunscreen that day, but it’s unclear if he had either.

“Philip wasn’t adapting to heat,” Toburn wrote. “He lives on the Auckland-Berkeley border and most of his training was done on the bay side of the ridge. This is because he rarely runs above 80 temperatures and runs in the morning and evening (usually). Means that the place where I had time) was in my 50s or 60s. “

Today, hundreds of posters line the park trails and surrounding streets across large areas of rugged and rugged terrain, along with neighboring cities of Dublin, Fremont and Castro Valley.

Last week, Sgt. Marty Bilt said the official search resumed after the Pleasanton police decided on a new area of ​​study where a review of GPS coordinates of already searched locations was decided.

The search team was redeployed with members of the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office. Search dogs, drones, helicopters, and planes with advanced thermal images were all deployed as part of the search.

The team focused on remote areas of Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park over the weekend, but couldn’t find any signs of new leads or Philip.

“Today, with so many teams deployed at Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park, the search for Philippe Kreichk continued,” police say. Posted on Twitter on Saturday.. “Unfortunately, no significant evidence was recovered from the area.”

Philip’s family says they’re confused that they haven’t found anything yet.

“It’s strange that nothing was found,” Jen said. “There are no traces of clothes or shoelaces.”

Jen and Philip have been married for four years and have two children together. He graduated from Harvard University and MIT and is an energy efficiency analyst at Pacific Gas and Electric.

“He feels great joy in life,” Jen told Dateline. “He is a good person who lives according to his values. He challenges everyone who knows he is the best. He just connects people-when he goes missing. Even now. “

Jen describes her husband as an avid runner, not only physically strong, but also mentally strong.

“He doesn’t make decisions in a hurry. He’s a very smart person and ponders everything,” she said, running an ultramarathon and having extensive experience in the wilderness. So you may have been more adventurous than the crew was looking for.

In the post Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Facebook Page, Sgt. Ray Kelly described Philip as “the best fit and growing in extreme environments” and “the endurance athlete.” He has no known health condition.

The family continues to urge the public to be vigilant, pointing out that Philip may be confused. They ask people to check their annex and ring camera in case he stumbles looking for food or contact.

Jen told Dateline that she was in awe of the hundreds of volunteers who had spent their time and resources finding her husband.

“I am grateful for the love and support these people have shown us,” Jen said. “I feel like I’m saying that’s not enough. I don’t even know how to start by showing them that I’m grateful for all the little things they do. If possible, I Do so-I would like to meet and thank everyone who really helped them. “

The search is approaching four weeks, but Philip’s family hopes things will improve.

“We still have hope,” Jen told Dateline. “He’s a good half of me-a more patient parent of our kids. They need him. We all need him. He’s somewhere and we Is doing everything he can to find him. I won’t give up. “

Philip is described as 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs about 165 pounds. He is thin, has brown hair and brown eyes. He was finally seen wearing running shorts and a Suunto Ambit 3 watch.

If you have information about Philip’s whereabouts, please call Pleasanton Police Station (925) 931-5107.