Police hid the camera in a house in northern Texas to record the person who changed clothes.


Police alleged on Friday that a hickory leak man unknowingly hid two cameras in his bathroom that recorded three people.

Brad Simpkins, 46, was recorded in a video of himself installing one of the cameras, according to a description of a Hickory Creek police investigation included in the affidavit of the arrest warrant. He was arrested Thursday on suspicion of three counts of felony invasive visual records.

On June 28, a person reported to police that he had found a camera.

One of the recorded people found five videos on a card in one of the cameras. According to the affidavit, one of the recordings showed that Simpkins had the camera installed, and the other showed one of the people finding the camera.

According to the affidavit, Simpkins entered and exited the closet and two bathrooms, installing and removing cameras.

At least one camera recorded where the two changed clothes before and after the shower.

Police have obtained search warrants for both camera devices.

The city of Koppel has taken a leave of absence from Simpkins, the captain of the Koppel Fire Department.