Police identified three more victims after the collapse of the surfside condo.The death toll reaches 11

On Monday night, Miami-Dade police revealed the identities of three more bodies whose bodies had been pulled from the rubble of the collapse of Surfside Building.

The· The death toll is now 11 years oldAll victims have been identified. The search continued on Monday — officials said 150 were unexplained and 136 were explained after Champlain Towers South collapsed early Thursday morning.

The victims named Monday are: Marcus Joseph Guara, 52, recovered on Saturday. Frank Clayman, 55, recovered on Monday. Michael Altman, 50, recovered on Monday.

On Sunday, police announced the names of the four victims. Leon Oliwkowicz, 80, who lives in Unit 704 and was discovered on Saturday. Luis BelmudesLives on the 26th and 7th floors and was discovered on Saturday. Ana Ortiz, 46, Belmudes’ mother, Who was found on Saturday.And Christina Beatrice Elvira, 74, was discovered on Sunday.

The· 4 other victims Ha: Stacy Fang, 54, He was found alive on Thursday in apartment 1002 and was taken to the hospital, but died shortly thereafter. Anthony Lozano (83), whose body was found on Thursday, and Gladys Rosano (79), whose body was found on Friday.they Both lived in apartment 903.. Manuel Lafont, 54, in apartment 801 and its body was found on Friday and named Saturday.

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