Police identify suspect after Mike Lindell alleges attack


Police in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, said they had identified the suspect in an assault investigation allegedly related to My Pillow CEO Michael Lindell. Cyber ​​symposium About allegations of fraudulent elections in 2020.

The Sioux Falls police station released a photo on Wednesday in a tweet asking for civilian help to identify a man. In less than two hours, police identified the person, according to a follow-up tweet.

No other information is provided by the authorities.

On August 12, Lindel was the first to attend the event “Physically attacked” At his hotel the night before.

“I’m fine. It hurts a little,” Lindel said. “I just want everyone to know all the evil that is there.”

later, Lindel told FlashpointAt a conservative talk show, two men approached to take a picture, and after one was taken, the third man also “appeared out of nowhere” and asked for a picture.

“He turned his arm,” Lindel gestured to his side, adding that something was stuck there. “It was a lot of pressure. I knew something more would come if I did something, and he stuffed it where it was just a piercing pain.”

Lindel said he was able to get to the hotel room, although the pain doubled.

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“I think it was a setup,” he added, suggesting that if he had counterattacked, someone would have caught the quarrel with the camera and shared it on social media.

However, Florida Republican candidate Jeff Buongiorno Identified by Associated Press As the individual who took the picture, I talked about another version of the event.

“There was no attack,” he said.

Sioux Falls police do not confirm whether Lindel was a victim of the crime, Said Washington Examiner Of the report submitted on the morning of August 12, consistent with the basic explanation of Lindel’s allegations.

“Mercy’s law does not allow us to identify victims of crime,” Sioux Falls police spokesman Sam Clements told the Washington Examiner on August 12 when asked to confirm the case.

“There were reports of assault in a hotel room this morning around 11:30 pm last night,” Clements added. “The investigation is ongoing and no arrests have been made at this time.”

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According to Clements, the incident occurred at hotels on Russell Street and West Avenue.

Lindel’s symposium venue was the South Dakota Military Heritage Alliance building at the same intersection. In addition, the Sheraton Sioux Falls & Convention Center is on the other side of the same intersection.

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