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Median San Francisco home sales price has fallen about 20% since spring

According to new data released this week by Compass Real Estate, the median home sale price in the city (currently $1.68 million) fell 10% from June to July, hitting an all-time high of $2.05 million in April. down 18% from Compass (NYSE: COMP) chief market analyst Patrick Carlisle said markets in the region are slowing and cooling due to buyer demand, inventories, overbids, price cuts and changes in year-over-year growth rates. it is continuing. From Napa County to Monterey in July he reported 5,200 home sales to MLS. Many are still selling rapidly above the asking price, but their numbers are down 38% from last year. Median home sales in the inner East Bay — an area that includes Oakland, Alameda, Emeryville, Berkeley and Richmond — fell 12.5% ​​to $1.223 million from April and May highs of $1.4 million became. Compared to his July last year, in that section of the East Bay, the summer of 2021 he has a slightly lower median selling price of $1.225 million.