Police issue arrest notice to protesters blocking the Canadian capital

Ottawa — Police began issuing arrest notices to protesters on February 16 in downtown Canada’s capital, which the Free Convoy has occupied for more than two weeks.

The yellow vest police officer with the “Police Liaison” printed on them walked through the peaceful protest camp, handing out warnings. If no one answered that I knocked on the door of a truck or camper, I put it under the door handle or the windshield wiper.

The distribution, headed “Notice to Demonstrators,” tells people:

“You have to leave the area now.

“Anyone who is blocking the street or helping someone who is blocking the street is committing a criminal offense and you may be arrested.

“We must immediately stop any further illegal activity, otherwise we will be charged.”

Police said arrested people could be released on bail “depending on the factors contained in Part XVI of the Criminal Code.”

The reasons given included that the people of Ottawa were denied the legitimate use, enjoyment, and operation of their property. It’s a prank under the criminal law. “

Police refused to cross the US border with prosecution-related accusations or convictions, warning that many truck drivers could endanger their livelihoods.

In addition, the notice states, “Anyone who commits these illegal acts may be fined or may need to appear in court.

“Commercial vehicle driver’s licenses and private driver’s licenses can be suspended or revoked.”

The reaction of the protesters was that they seemed overwhelmed by the threat. Many pieces of paper were quickly crumpled and thrown away.

This notice was not the only move the authorities made against the protesters.

It is estimated that one-quarter of the 500 trucks and vehicles in the occupied territories have at least one child, who is there due to an emergency just declared by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government. That is illegal.

Parents who are protesting can be fined up to $ 5,000 for having children.

Canadian Public Security Minister Marco Mendicino made a gun claim on February 16 without showing evidence linking the recent seizure of weapons in Alberta by Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officers to a free convoy. ..

The RCMP said on February 14 that 13 people had been arrested and their weapons seized in a Katz border protest.

“Some individuals in Coots have strong ties to the leaders in Ottawa and the extreme right-wing organizations,” Mendicino said. “We are talking about a group that is organized, agile, knowledgeable, and driven by extremist idealism.”

However, the captain on the street with the truck driver completely rejected the minister’s claim.

“It sounds horrible and the government is really desperate to hurt our credibility,” said David Paisley.

“We are very peaceful and we work with the city,” Paisley said.

“The government is starting to play dirty.”

Paisley represents the number of trucks on Wellington Street.

He said no one in the protest group wanted violence, “If I knew it, I would scream it from the rooftop. We would deal with it first.”

Richard Moore


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