Police locate stolen vehicle that drove through Ontario Mall at time of theft

York Regional Police say they found a stolen Audi used in a wild mall robbery in which a suspect drove the car into a shopping center in Vaughan, Ontario.

Security camera footage provided by the police shows the vehicle crashing through the mall’s glass entrance door and driving through the building toward the target store.

Police said the vehicle was identified as a black 2011 Audi A4 with Quebec license plate X1O SNP. statement.

Police said the suspect broke into the robbery and stole “a large number of items” from an electronics store before breaking another glass door and fleeing the scene.

The alleged robbery occurred at approximately 1:10 am on February 1 at the Vaughan Mills shopping mall near Highway 400 and Rutherford Road.

Police said in their latest statement that the vehicle had been found and would be examined for evidence.

Car stolen from Quebec

A Quebec woman who claimed to be the original owner of the stolen Audi said her car was robbed by a man during a test drive.

Taylor-Anna Covinger, who lives in Laval, Quebec, told CTV News She put her black 2011 Audi A4 up for sale on Facebook Marketplace in January as a way to save a down payment on a home.

On January 29, Kobinger said a man responded to her ad and came to her house to test drive the car.

The man took out the car twice. Everything went well on his first test drive, but Covinger said he started “dangerous driving” on his second. A nervous Kovinger asked to change places with the man. That’s when things went wrong.

“As soon as we were both out of the car and walking to change places, he ran back,” she told CTV News in a Feb. 1 report. “He didn’t even have time to fully get back in the car – he still had one leg out. [of the car] As the other foot stepped on the gas petal, he took my car and walked away. ”

Ms. Kovinger said she had not seen her car since, and was surprised when York Local Police told her on February 1 that her car had been stolen in Ontario.

“I never thought in my life I would see my car drive through a mall, especially through the window,” she said.