Police move to protest in solidarity with a truck convoy to Ottawa-Australian

Protesters mobilized in solidarity with the “Convoy to Ottawa” parked their cars, set up camps around the National Library, and were transferred to police in the Australian capital.

On February 4, police issued a verbal warning before the move order was issued. 250 vehicles voluntarily began to leave the area, one towed.

Social media is full of footage of drivers heading to the Australian capital.

According to the report, protesters gathered in front of the Parliament building on January 31st. Videos distributed on social mediaThe crowd said, “What do you want? Freedom! When do you want it? Now!”

The next day, they held a rally in front of the National Press Club spoken by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison and camp around the National Library.

Police used pepper spray and arrested three times on February 2, causing a brawl.

Epoch Times Photo
On February 4, 2022, protesters sit in a temporary camp next to the National Library in Canberra, Australia, as police officers remove camping equipment. The Canberra protesters’ camp was ordered by police. (AAP Image / Lukas Coch)

Neil Gauguin, chief police officer at the Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Police, said the activity “confuses the Canberra.”

“The site was to be used for weekend and tonight events,” he told the Australian Broadcasting Corporation on February 4.

“We are moving them because the federal capital authorities had to cancel it because of the fact that these people are camping illegally.”

Protesters are moving to an exhibition park in Canberra, according to a Telegram post.

The grassroots movement had begun to gain momentum a week ago GoFundMe Campaign As of February 4, before being frozen on the website, we have collected A $ 179,764 donations.

GoFundMe admins say they will hold the funds until the organizers provide details on how to diversify the funds. This caused a similar problem in a Canadian protest before the release of $ 4.5 million in funding.

In Canada, the movement has mobilized thousands to tens of thousands of truck drivers in response to ongoing vaccine mandates and strict government-mandated restrictions.

In Australia, mandates are widely enforced nationwide, primarily with bipartisan support, both politically and from the business and medical circles. But it’s still controversial.

On January 22, protests against government-mandated restrictions and obligations took place across Australia’s major capitals.

Vaccine developer Nikolai Petrovsky was urged to criticize a mixed message from the government and the media about the benefits of jabs.

Petrovsky emphasized that vaccines can only protect individuals and not prevent the transmission of the virus. This undermines the reasons for vaccine and boost immunity obligations.

“Everyone needs to make decisions about their health. It’s totally inappropriate to show or suggest that an unvaccinated person is completely different from others,” said Spikogen’s chief. The researcher told The Epoch Times.

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