Police officers around Tampa Bay are dying with COVID


Some of Florida’s 29 law enforcement officers who died in COVID-19 came from around Tampa Bay. Fox13 Report..

Fallen: St. Pete police officer Michael Weiskov, 52, died last week from a complication of COVID. He was not vaccinated, despite his wife’s recommendation.

  • Manatees Correctional Worker Douglas Clark, 67, died Thursday. His preventive contact status has not been revealed.

  • Deputy Sheriff Christopher Broadhead of Pork County, 32, died Monday after spending a few weeks in the hospital.

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What they are saying: Sheriff Grady Judd of Pork County did not reveal the status of Broadhead vaccination.However Note Fox 13 The majority of people hospitalized with COVID are not vaccinated:

“Listen to doctors, don’t listen to politicians. Get vaccinated. If you weren’t motivated before you were vaccinated, Christopher’s premature death motivates you. I hope that. “

In numbers: The Fox 13 report shows how COVID cases are expanding emergency services throughout the region.

  • About 50 office employees of Sheriff Pork County tested positive for COVID, Judd said. Currently five people are hospitalized and one is on mechanical ventilation.

  • Nearly 100 employees of Sarasota County Sheriff were on COVID, an agent told the outlet last week.

  • Nineteen St. Petersburg police officials were ill as of Saturday, but the ministry said no one was hospitalized.

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