Police officers bring Ontario government to court for COVID-19

A state COVID in which 15 active and four retired police officers “force” the Government of Ontario to enforce rules that violate constitutional rights and a vow to uphold the constitution. -19 We are appealing to the court for measures.

Officers Notification of application (Pdf) The Ontario COVID-19 measure, filed on April 20, was “unconstitutional, ineffective, power and ineffective,” violating the rights and freedoms of the Charter to officers. Oath They took to protect people according to the law.

The 19 applicants include active and former police officers in Toronto, the York Region, Hamilton, Niagara, Ottawa and Ontario. And Corporal retired at RCMP— Many are listed anonymously under the name “John Doe”.

“Many of these regulations are not specific enough, too vague and widespread, and not clear enough to enforce them uniformly and fairly,” said Rocco Galati, a lawyer at the Constitutional Rights Center, in April. I mentioned it at a press conference on the 29th.

“Therefore, various actions are taken. And unfortunately, some are very hostile and violent on the part of the police because they do not interpret the actual regulations, but politicians and their supervisors Often wrongly interpreting what the regulation says, “said Galati, who represents 19 applicants.

“That’s not what democracy is supposed to do. These regulations lead to police states and martial law measures,” he added.

The notice alleges that COVID-19 measures and state government emergency declarations do not meet emergency standards under the Emergency Management Civil Protection Act.

Epoch Times Photo
The storefront on Ronsbals Avenue will display a “for lease” sign as part of a protest against the Government of Ontario’s Pandemic Blocking Regulations in Toronto, Canada, on November 24, 2020. (Jody White / The Canadian Press)

The notice also claims that blockades, home orders, and curfew impositions are not within the jurisdiction of the state in accordance with the Constitution.Law enforcement officer also said Usage The Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) test by the Government of Ontario resulted in a “false positive” rate of 96.5%, which was translated into “elevated” and “cases” of “masking, social distance,” blockade “(closure). It led to the implementation of all measures. ). “

Christopher Vandenbos, one of the applicants and an active police officer in the York region, said the COVID-19 measures created a “visible” gap between those who disagreed with the policy and those who were fully invested. Said that.

“Vertical by the people in my circle, I think it’s about 50 percent,” Van den Boss said at a press conference. But obviously, I’m not associated with all officers, so I can’t speak the exact numbers. ”

For those who disagree with the enforcement measures, “They also have a real conflict of crisis, a conflict of personality, because in most cases it is very important for officers to maintain a firm stance and keep their oaths. “Because it’s important,” he added, “because it’s being asked not to do that, it causes a lot of internal confusion.”

Another applicant, Sergeant Julie Evans of the Toronto Police Department, said she was ready to endanger her reputation and career in order to protect people’s rights.

“That’s why I participated in career policing, to protect people, protect their rights and freedoms, and prevent anyone from using someone’s human rights,” she said.

The notice nominates Prime Minister Doug Ford, the Police Chiefs of Toronto, the York Region, Niagara, Ottawa and Hamilton, and the Attorney Generals of Ontario and Canada as respondents.