Police officers charge a cable tie that ambushed the principal with COVID rules


Instagram / Kelly Walker

Instagram / Kelly Walker

All three in the Arizona Trio A cable tie breaks into the principal’s office of an elementary school and threatens to arrest a private person Instead, Tucson police confirmed that they had been arrested for following public health guidelines.

“58-year-old Frank Tinatongo was released yesterday after being quoted for trespassing a misdemeanor,” said Tucson PD spokesman Sgt. Richard Gladillas told The Daily Beast. “He will be the third person to be quoted and released in connection with this case.”

Last week, Tainatongo accompanied marketing strategists and coffee shop owners Kelly Walker (51) and Rishi Rambaran (40). Lambalan’s son was told by the school to wear a mask and quarantine after being exposed to someone from COVID-19. Walker livestreamed the conflict on Instagram at his store. In the footage, Tina Tongo, who remained unidentified to this day, was seen standing in the doorway with multiple “law enforcement grade” cable ties. Then the video was deleted.

“If this kind of coercion or bullying is done by school managers and violates the law, arresting citizens is a worthwhile option to consider,” Walker said. Written on Facebook Last Thursday.

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on Monday, Tainatongo was booked on suspicion of three criminal trespasses, Walker and Lambalan have equalized the same rates. If convicted, all three will face up to 30 days in prison. Mr Gladiras said civilian arrests were extremely rare and he had never seen him arrested for 14 years of work.

Tina Tongo According to his LinkedIn profile, he works as a production manager. For Rincon Research Corporation, a government contractor that develops software for the US military, NASA, and intelligence agencies.

“I am a confident decision maker and an effective problem solver,” says Tainatongo’s biography.

No one answered the phone at Tina Tongo’s home on Tuesday, and Tina Tongo did not respond to the voice mail left on his cell phone for comment. He does not have a lawyer listed in court records. An extension with Tainatongo’s name is listed in Rincon Research’s employee directory, but he didn’t answer when The Daily Beast tried him on Tuesday.

Lambalan had asked Walker to be there as a “backup” to film the incident, Walker explained in a video later posted on Walker’s Instagram. It’s not clear how Tainatongo ended up with the Mesquite Elementary, or his relationship with Rambaran or Walker. While Lambalan’s son attended Mesquite Elementary School, Walker sent his five children to homeschool and reportedly had no apparent connection to Mesquite.

A strange fire broke out when Lambalan contacted Walker about the school’s quarantine order, Walker. Said in a video streamed while driving To meet Lambalan.

“I’m heading to Mesquite Elementary School. A friend informed me and some others that my son was indiscriminately taken to the office for quarantine. Perhaps someone decided him, but The other children in this classroom were not exposed to COVID, “said Walker. “And they would put a mask on his face and wouldn’t let him call his parents, and now his dad is there … [T]His school blatantly breaks the law and is blatantly against the will of the people. I think this community has stated that there will be no such kind of bullying or horror tactics against our children. “

However, Mesquite Elementary has actually reported positive COVID cases to the Pima County Health Department, asking schools to provide the names of those exposed to those who tested positive for the virus. Lambalan’s son will be forced to miss a class trip, Lambalan complained.

She listened to Lambalan’s concerns after the three suddenly appeared in Bargo’s office. In a video shot by Walker, who was later deleted, you can see Lambalan calling police and asking him to arrest Bargo if he didn’t allow him to return to class immediately. increase. Otherwise, Lambalan warned, he and his associates were ready to arrest themselves. Bargo asked the three to leave the site. When they were left, she went out and called a policeman.

The men took off before the officers arrived.Lambalan Arrested a few hours later..Walker and Tina Tongo Arrested and released on Monday..Bargo later said she and her assistant would do both Ask for suppression instructions for all three, In addition to the press fee.

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Walker co-owns a coffee shop in Tucson that claims to be “Tucson’s Freedom and Delicious Coffee Hub.”Recent shops Host Meet and Greet With the far-right author and the convicted serious offender Dinesh Dousa, When Next month we will have Matthew Lomeier, Former Lieutenant Colonel of the Space Force Released from his post in May Regarding his warning about the “neo-Marxist agenda” in the military, “designed to patiently and systematically overthrow the US government and replace it with communist dictatorship.”

In an email to The Daily Beast last week, Walker denied that he and others were planning to arrest Bargo, claiming that no one was threatening the group. He claimed that school officials were hypocritical by not wearing masks themselves, and described the encounter as peaceful, as opposed to his own live stream. Walker expressed disappointment that the reporter was not speaking to Lambalan for his side of the story. When asked for Ramabalan’s contact information, Walker stopped responding because The Daily Beast couldn’t contact him. He did not respond to a request for comment on the arrest of Tina Tongo.

Last September, Walker arrested by Pima County oversight board For using blasphemous words.Next month, Walker’s coffee shop Closed by county health inspector To ignore the COVID guidelines.Walker when resuming a few days later I posted a photo of Pepe the Frog, a white supremacist meme, on Facebook., Consider Pepe as the “sales person” of the shop [sic] Of this month. ” Them The person who complained was exposed..

Worryingly, similar situations are occurring elsewhere in the United States. In Pennsylvania, there is controversy over the masking requirements for elementary school students. Brought the threat of murder..In California, parents are allegedly Attacked the teacher After seeing my daughter wearing a mask. In Florida 50 year old man arrested It is alleged that he attacked a high school girl during the debate over the mask.

Walker and Lambalan will appear in court on September 15. The next appearance of Tina Tongo is scheduled for September 20th.

For more information, see The Daily Beast.

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