Police officers claim that the cash for the Haiti murder came from a Weston man.He didn’t do anything wrong, the lawyer says


A good rule of thumb for research is to obey money. For Haitian police investigating the July 7 assassination of the president, the money path is partially through the lesser-known Emigré and private lenders living in Broward County.

Two weeks after the shocking killing of President Jovenel Moise, Haitian police repeatedly flashed the image of Walter Weintemira and his company’s name, the Worldwide Capital Lending Group, during a news conference. The funds for the assassination program they alleged passed through Weston resident Weintemira and his Miramar-based company.

The name of the company sounds like it’s spreading all over the world. However, it is basically operated as a private lender and deals with people who cannot easily obtain a bank loan or who do not want to scrutinize the bank loan. Veintemilla is a loan broker. He promises a high rate of return to individual investors to lend money and take cuts or commissions.

His lawyer, Robert Nicholson, has answered a number of questions this week from reporting teams at the Miami Herald, El Nuevo Herald, and McClutch Washington Bureau, and believes he plans to replace the President of Haiti. He said Veintemira mediated the loan to fund the company. , Moise, the interim leader of the peaceful transition of power.

“My client had nothing to do with the assassination,” said Nicholson, a private lawyer at Fort Lauderdale and a former assistant US prosecutor. “There was no discussion or proposal for plans to include the violent overthrow of the Haitian government or the assassination of the president.”

Nicholson said all of Veintemira’s corporate documents regarding the loans given to those nominated in the Haiti investigation had been handed over to the U.S. federal agency, and as of Tuesday his clients were interviewed by U.S. law enforcement agencies. He said he wasn’t.

Veintemilla only brokered two loans to the two South Floridians involved in a monumental event on the island, he said. They are on a radar with Christian Emmanuel Sanon, a Haitian-American doctor from Boynton Beach arrested and detained in Haiti, and Doral-based CTU Security and its president Antonio “Tony” Intriago. I am a Venezuelan immigrant. The number of Haitian and US investigators has not been detained.

Veintemilla, 53, left Quito, the capital of Ecuador, and settled in the Miami area with her family as a boy. His career was in the private lending sector in South Florida, primarily in the rugged world of mortgages. Courts have shown that Veintemilla has been involved in at least 10 proceedings since 2006, eight of which are defendants and the other two are plaintiffs attempting to evict peasants.

Haitian National Police further flaunts evidence seized in an investigation into the assassination of President Jobanel Morse.

Haitian National Police further show off evidence seized in an investigation into the assassination of President Jovenel Moise.

In addition to private lending, Veintemilla also has an insurance brokerage business, with a forex and other business, according to records recorded in the Florida Corporate Sector.

There is no public record to suggest that Weintemira had the funds to fund a large-scale military operation to defeat and kill the incumbent president. More than 20 people have been arrested in Haiti, the majority of whom are Colombian troops who were hired by the CTU and said they lived in Haiti from around May until the assassination of the president. The cost of transporting, feeding and containing them, along with providing training, will probably amount to millions of dollars.

In fact, a few days before the assassination, Sanon called his best friend, saying that his Colombian bodyguard tried to blackmail him and abandoned him. A few days later, like Sanon, they were involved in the assassination.The Miami Herald story on Sunday revealed that the Haiti president was desperately trying to get him. Security details of his dwellingFearing that he would eventually encounter the fate that struck him.

Nicholson, a small creditor lawyer, said his client was involved in Haiti’s problems after offering an unspecified amount of loans to Intriago and CTU Security in July 2020. Through Intriago, Veintemira later met the charismatic Haitian-American Sanon, a Haitian evangelical minister and doctor who dreamed of leading a poor island to prosperity.

Sanon envisioned himself as the interim president of the Caribbean and circulated a petition containing the signatures of his supporters on behalf of Moise. A copy of Sanon’s Declaration was obtained by the Miami Herald. Signatories include many well-known Protestant ministers who deny support for Sanon’s bid.

It happened that the same signer was mentioned in a May letter sent to Assistant Secretary of State Julie Chan. The letter upheld Sanon’s desire to lead the transition in Haiti. State Department officials say neither Mr Chung nor anyone else supported Sanon’s wishes.

The July 2020 loan to Intriago appears to be a connective tissue linking Veintemilla and Sanon. Currently arrested Based in Haiti and Doral, Intriago is a short-term security trainer and equipment distributor himself. No one has seen or heard of it In public from the first week of July. A Florida Department of Agriculture spokesperson confirmed that authorities were investigating Intriago, which provided security and was licensed to carry guns.

Intriago introduced Sanon to Worldwide Capital as a Haitian doctor was seeking a loan. This introduction led to multiple conferences in South Florida, Nicholson said on financing strategies for two purposes: Haiti’s infrastructure projects and Haiti’s Sanon’s political aspirations.

Haiti officials have exhibited guns allegedly used in a plot to assassinate Haitian President Jobanel Morse.

Haiti officials have exhibited guns allegedly used in a plot to assassinate Haitian President Jovenel Moise.

Both Baintemira and Sanon were involved in an initiative led by a US company to support the construction of solar energy and other small-scale power facilities in Haiti, Nicholson said. The first project was scheduled to take place in Jacmel, according to the proposed contract acquired by Herald. The city is important because it is the home of another Haitian-American, 35-year-old James Solage, in Broward County, who was arrested in Haiti.

Until I quit in April, Solages Maintenance Director of Luxury Senior Living Center in Lantana.. But he was eager to become the mayor of Jacmel, even running a small charity focused on coastal cities. The photo displayed by the Haitian authorities shows Solage attending some of the meetings with Sanon, Weintemira, and others who listened to his plans for the new Haiti.

Nicholson said both Weintemira and Sanon are passionate about helping Haiti and bringing infrastructure projects to poorer regions of the country where electricity, water and other basic needs are scarce. I did. According to Nicholson, it was Sanon who drew the attention of Veintemira for infrastructure opportunities in Haiti.

At the same time, Veintemira learned about Sanon’s political goal of modernizing the country by replacing Moise as interim president. Veintemilla, Intriago and others met with Sanon on multiple occasions, including this spring’s meeting. Gather on May 12th Fort Lauderdale’s Tower Club overlooking the city skyline and the Atlantic Ocean, and another gathering at Doral’s office building.

A photo showing Veintemilla providing a PowerPoint presentation, taken at a meeting on May 12, is currently being used by Haitian police to describe a Weston man as an interested person.

Sanon’s political program called for a security team to hire an Intriago CTU company to protect him and train his members in his quest to replace the President of Haiti. Other costs included travel expenses and related costs for Haitian doctors. The proposed budget was a whopping $ 860,000.

Nicholson called the amount a “wishlist” and said Veintemilla’s role was to cover most of the costs by bringing together a group of investors. According to his lawyer, Veintemilla has raised $ 172,000 from those investors. All those investors from the United States were unaware of the nature of the investment for loans, he said. Veintemilla didn’t put in any of his money, he added.

Separately, Intriago was to provide some funding for Sanon’s security efforts. It’s not clear how much Intriago raised or from whom. The overall plan required Sanon to repay lenders and investors with Haiti’s assets after the doctor took office as interim president.

According to Nicholson, Veintemilia probably naively believed that the entire political effort led by Sanon was a change of power in Haiti.

“Neither Worldwide Capital nor Mr. Weintemira had any knowledge of the assassination plan,” Nicholson told Herald. “All discussions with Dr. Sanon were related to trying to improve Haiti’s living conditions through public works and improving Haiti’s political, security and social conditions.”