Police officers die after a car crashes into a parliamentary complex

A police officer was killed and another was injured after a car crashed into the US Capitol complex.

According to police, the vehicle collided with a safety fence before the driver rushed towards the policeman with a knife.

Police then fired and the unidentified suspect was shot dead.

At a press conference on Friday, a deputy police chief in Washington, DC, said the attack did not appear to have anything to do with terrorism.

“It is a very heavy heart to announce that one of our police officers has succumbed to his injury,” said Yogananda Pittman, deputy police chief of the Capitol, at the meeting.

The exact situation of the police’s death is not yet clear.

“We have the underlying responsibility and carry it out, whether or not the attack was carried out by law enforcement,” said Robert Conty, deputy director of the city’s Metropolitan Police Department.

There is an increasing security presence around the Capitol building, where the US Parliament is held, and there are numerous police cars around.

According to observers, the entrance to Constitution Avenue, where the vehicle collided with the barricade, is where Senators and their staff come to the Capitol every day.

However, Congress is currently adjourned. That is, the majority of politicians are not in the Capitol today.

President Joe Biden left Washington early in the day for Camp David, Maryland’s presidential hideout.

However, some reporters, maintenance workers, and Capitol Hill employees may still be on the Capitol grounds.

Immediately after 13:00 local time (18:00 GMT), the Parliamentary Police warning system sent an email to lawmakers and their staff, instructing them to stay away from outside windows and doors. Everyone outside was instructed to ask for a cover.

The footage of the scene showed a helicopter flying overhead and two people on a stretcher moving to an ambulance.

Onlookers were told to clean up the area.

Police investigate crime scene

Police investigate crime scene

The FBI’s Washington Field office is responsive to the situation and assists the Capitol Police. According to CBS News, the US Attorney General is also aware of the case and has been updated.

The incident occurs almost three months after the deadly January 6 riots at the Capitol.