Police officers investigated after Tik Tokker caught him calling Ma’Khia Bryant’stab’

Body camera footage shows the moment of Ma & # x002019; Chiabraiant before she was shot (Columbus Police Station)

Body camera footage shows the moment before the Maquia Briant was shot (Columbus Police Station)

A Police officer Under investigation in Washington, DC to suggest that Maquia Bryant was shot for trying to stab someone.

With a virus TikTok video It has been seen almost a million times, a group of police in the US capital faces a man asking, “Are you going to kill me like Makia Bryant? F * ck”.

“Are you going to stab someone like her?” One of the policemen responds in front of the camera.

Spokesperson Metropolitan Police confirmed in statement Independent They are aware of the incident and are currently investigating it.

Police shot deadly Brian last Tuesday ColumbusOhio rushed to another girl with a knife shortly before Derek Chauvin was found guilty of murdering George Floyd.

In Ticktaku In the video, someone answered “no”. He’s not going to stab someone like Mr. Bryant before the officer says “OK”.

“But she called everyone for help. F * ck you’re talking about. Get your stupid ass, I can’t, and you’re just a camera, this shit Said to spread by word of mouth. “

Brian’s family claims she made the first 911 calls to police, but that claim has not been independently verified.

Michael Woods, Interim Police Chief of the Columbus Police Station, said Reporter Last week, the emergency dispatch received a call from a woman that another girl was trying to “stab them and put her hand on them.”

A spokesperson for the Attorney General’s office said Snopes A fact checker who was unable to share information about the 911 call while the shooting was being investigated.

The Washington, DC Metropolitan Police Department did not reveal details of the incident captured in the TikTok video beyond their perception.

They confirmed insider “The members of the video are MPD members,” but it’s unclear who participated in the conversation because everyone is wearing masks.

It is also unclear whether the interaction was between the police and the subject of their investigation, or with the bystander filming the interaction.

By Monday afternoon, the video had been watched more than 925,000 times, received more than 130,000 likes, and was shared with more than 6,600 people.

After being told that the video would be viral, one of the police officers said, “That’s fine.”

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