Police pointed their gun at the driver with the headlights off

Charleston, South Carolina (AP) — According to a lawsuit filed against a South Carolina town and its police station, police pointed their guns at a young black driver who was just driving with his headlights off.

Noah West headed to the fast-food restaurant where his mother worked when a Summerville police officer pulled him on March 21st. The policeman ordered him to get out of the car, kneel down, and put his hand on his head. According to a proceeding filed by West’s family, the order came when a policeman’s gun was pointed at him. West obeyed.

Police reported that police were in the area following reports of the shooting. West left the area by car with the headlights off and urged police to stop him, police spokesman Lieutenant Chris Hirsch told the press.

Felony traffic suspensions for fear of the driver being involved in the shooting, but only issued a written warning to the headlights when West realized he was not involved in the previous incident. Hirsch said it was.

On April 1, the family filed a complaint against the town and its police station alleging negligence, civil assault, and false arrests. Their proceedings allege that the police suspension also violates the South Carolina Constitution. The South Carolina Constitution promises to be free from injustice. The proceedings seek damages of an unspecified amount, including compensation for legal costs.

“What happened to West was overkill and the result of the kind of profiling that police needed to eradicate,” said Marvin Pendervis, a lawyer representing the family and North Charleston’s Democratic State Representative. Stated. “Regular traffic suspensions in the event of suspected violations should not be terminated by pulling a gun and kneeling a 19-year-old child, at best, in the worst case, unless otherwise threatened. There was malicious intent. “

The ministry refused to comment on the proceedings in dispute, citing the policy.

The proceedings in Dorchester County on Monday follow a similar course of events involving a young black man and police.

When West was interviewed WCBD-TV As to what happened to him, he said, “I was afraid of my life.”