Police report no violence as thousands of people in the Canadian capital protest peacefully over orders.

In Ottawa, Canada’s capital, thousands of truck drivers and others have made loud and peaceful protests against the government’s COVID-19 vaccine obligations. Police in the capital have not reported any violent incidents.

The “Freedom Convoy” started as a rally of truck drivers who opposed the mission, but soon changed to a wider one. People from all disciplines went out on the streets in opposition to vaccine passports, requirements and other restrictions. According to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in recent months.

“I can’t work anymore because I can’t cross the border,” said Csava Vizi, a truck driver in Windsor, Ontario, who is the only earner in the family.

“It’s not just vaccines. Daniel Magazinet, owner of the Valley Flatbed and Transportation in Nova Scotia on the Atlantic coast, said:

“I and many others are here because we are fed up with vaccine obligations and blockades,” said Brendon of Ottawa. He had a sign that said, “Justin Trudeau makes me ashamed of being Canadian.”

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Proponents of the Free Convoy protest the obligations and restrictions of the COVID-19 vaccine on January 28, 2022, in front of the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa, Canada. The truck driver Optimus Prime departed from Vancouver on January 23, 2022. How to protest a mission in the capital Ottawa. (Dave Chan via Getty Images / AFP)

According to Ottawa police, the protests were peaceful and there were no incidents. Said “No cases of violence or injury have been reported.”

“I’m now trapped in my country,” Tom Papin, an unvaccinated man from just outside Ottawa, told The Associated Press. “I can’t go on holidays. I can’t go to restaurants, I can’t go bowling. I can’t go to movies. You know, these are things [that show you] It’s just out of control. “

Mr Papin said participants in the rally and protests are likely to remain parked in Congress until the vaccine obligations are lifted.

But Trudeau Said He does not believe that Canadians are “a very annoying, small but very loud minority Canadian, overwhelmed by science, government, social, mission and public health advice.” I believe.

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Protesters raise flags and flags in front of the Ottawa Parliamentary Hill on January 29, 2022. (NoƩ Charter / The Epoch Times)
Canadian virus outbreak protest
People walk in front of a truck parked on Wellington Street on January 29, 2022, when attending a rally against the COVID-19 limit at Parliament Hill in Ottawa. (JustinTang / The Canadian Press via AP)

The Prime Minister’s itinerary for the day usually states that if he is in Ottawa, he is at home. On Saturday, he said he was in the “metropolitan area” in a report that he and his family had been moved to a private location.

A few days after his office confirmed that one of his children was infected with COVID-19 and Trudeau was quarantined and working remotely.

The protest also caught the attention of former President Donald Trump, who spoke at a Texas rally Saturday night and declared his support for truck drivers.

“We want the great Canadian truck drivers to know that we’re together all the time,” Trump said in Conroe, Texas. “They are doing much more to protect American freedom than our leaders.”

And before that, billionaire Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced on Twitter his support for Canadian truck drivers to his 71.8 million followers.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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