Police reportedly arrested the CNN producer violently and asked, “Do you speak English?”

Several journalists and media experts were assaulted during a protest over the shooting of Dauntelite in Minneapolis.

Lawyers representing dozens of media outlets have written to the Minnesota government. Tim Walz (D) Address the treatment of journalists and media professionals by law enforcement agencies while covering protests against police killings. Dantelite.

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by HuffPost, lawyer Reita Walker He spoke on behalf of nearly 30 journalism and news organizations, with a detailed explanation of the abuse. Share on Twitter CNN Media correspondent Brian Stelter, The letter was also addressed to the commissioner John Harington, Colonel Matt Langer, And commissioner Paul Schnell.

Detention and arrest CNN producer Carolyn Son Explained in detail. Police officers reportedly grabbed her backpack and threw her to the ground. According to media reports, she did not resist, displayed her credentials, and repeatedly identified herself as a member of the press. Still, the policeman arrested her. Song was yelled at by a police officer who ordered, “Do you speak English?” She complained that the cable ties on her wrists were too tight.

Dantelite shooting police provoke protest near Minneapolis

Police officers guard on the roof when demonstrators gather during a protest outside the Brooklyn Center Police Station at the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota on April 17, 2021. (Photo by Stephen Maturen / Getty Images)

“She was patted, searched by a policewoman who had her hands on Son’s pants and bra, fingerprinted, electronically scanned her body, and orange before she could find a lawyer to work for her. I ordered her to peel off her uniform and put it on. It took more than two hours to secure her and her liberation, “the letter said.

by Huffington Post, A male security guard sent with Son was temporarily detained and released after he qualified him. However, Song was taken to Hennepin County Jail by a prisoner transport bus.

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Outlet reported on the same night, journalist New York Times He was repeatedly beaten by the police surrounding his car. Police reportedly tried to break his camera.In another case, another journalist, freelance photographer Tim Evans While another policeman was hitting his head on the ground, he claimed to have hit his face and stripped his press badge. He was handcuffed before another policeman let him go.

Waltz was sent a letter on Saturday after a conference call between lawyers and law enforcement authorities.

“Journalists must be allowed to safely cover protests and public anxiety. I want law enforcement partners to avoid facing barriers to their work. I instructed him to make changes, “he tweeted after the conference call.

theGrio On April 11, the National Guard reported that it had been deployed to the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, after hundreds of protesters had gathered in a deadly shooting. Dantelite. The incident occurred about 10 miles away from where the current former police officer was. Derek ChauvinMurder trial George Floyd Closed on Mondays.

“He said they pulled him because the air freshener was hanging from the rear-view mirror,” Wright’s mother said. Katie Light,Said CNN Affiliate WCCO.. “One minute later I called and said his girlfriend was a car passenger and he was shot.”

The death of her son took hundreds of demonstrators following his death, marched to a police station, and expressed anger at the murder of an unarmed black man involving yet another police officer. CNN Affiliate KARE We captured footage of protesters swarming around the police car, some trying to damage the police car. Authorities also tracked calls for shootings, intrusions, and property damage in multiple areas, including Minneapolis.

Activists hold a rally for justice in Denver's Daunte Wright

D In Denver, Colorado, people march near the Colorado General Assembly to protest the deaths of Dauntelite and Adam Toledo on April 17, 2021. 20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot dead by police officers last Sunday at the Brooklyn Center, Minnesota during a traffic outage, and 13-year-old Adam Toledo was shot dead by Chicago police officers on March 29. (Photo by Michael Ciaglo / Getty Images)

Mayor of Brooklyn Center Microphone Elliott issued Curfew from 11:00 pm on Saturday to 6:00 am on Sunday.

“Make sure you’re back home in a timely manner before the curfew comes into effect,” he tweeted.

At least 100 people were arrested during protests after Brooklyn Center police declared the demonstration illegal. CNN Minnesota Public Security Secretary Harrington reported that an estimated 500 people claimed to have been chaotic. He said the demonstrators had plywood sheets, shields, a container of liquid that appeared to be bleach, and a baseball bat.

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