Police responding to the turmoil looked at the woman’s breasts and offered

July 5-A woman caught up in a motel parking turmoil offered to look at her breasts in exchange for not being in jail, but failed.

Claire E. Jones, 33, 1414 Dr. Oakhurst of Nashville was booked for public drunkenness and for the misdemeanor of resisting suspension, arrest or search.

The incident occurred at the Holiday Inn Express parking lot off Peavine Road. Around 3:30 am on June 16th, two guests at the motel complained about the disgust of men and women in the parking lot.

According to SPtl, “two subjects in white robes are hanging windows and behaving suspiciously, doing strange things in the back parking lot.” Corey Freeman report.

Lieutenant Dustin Lester, Ptl. Keyton Harthun and Freeman responded by finding a couple sitting on a 2011 Ford SUV. “I saw a woman in the passenger seat lying down with her mouth open and her eyes open,” Freeman wrote.

The man sitting in the driver’s seat awakened the woman who got out of the car and said, “After touching Hason, I told him not to touch it.”

The woman was reportedly given multiple opportunities to return to her hotel room, but instead addressed the issue of police officers around the car.

When police tried to handcuff the woman, she resisted by pulling away and resisting the arrest, the report claims. She then pushed the policeman when helped by a police car.

Upon arriving in the car, the woman resisted entering the backseat, refused to reveal her identity, and at some point told one of the police officers to “look at her breasts.”

Jones was transferred to the Justice Center and reportedly she couldn’t walk on her own, so “she had to get dressed and then take her to the intake.”

Jones appears in the General Sessions Court. The Jones man was allowed to work with the officer and return to his room.

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