Police said six people were detained and seven suspects were killed in the assassination of President Haiti

Haiti’s Port-au-Prince — Police say they arrested four more suspects in the assassination of Haiti’s President Jovenel Moise, detained a total of six and killed seven.

Police chief Leon Charles told Radio Metropole Thursday that police were still looking for the person responsible for the attack on early Wednesday, when the president was shot dead and his wife Martine was seriously injured.

Officials did not provide details about the suspect, including nationality, suggesting the motives for the attack they said were carried out by a “highly trained and heavily armed group” whose members spoke Spanish or English. I have not.

Haiti’s President Jobnermoise (C) is in the middle of a ceremony to commemorate the 215th anniversary of the death of the revolutionary hero Toussaint Louverture at the National Pantheon Museum in Port-au-Prince, Haiti on April 7, 2018. Leave the museum. (DieuNalio Chery / File / AP photo)

At least two suspects of Moïse’s murder were found and devastated by civilians in the capital of Port-au-Prince before being handed over to police.

Journalists saw dozens of people gather around the man on Thursday, grabbing, pushing, and sometimes slap the suspect behind his shirt and trousers. People in the crowd said they found them hiding in a bush.

Shortly thereafter, police arrived and arrested men who were sweating and dressed in muddy clothes. Police officers placed them behind the pickup truck and drove away as the crowd chased them to a nearby police station.

When the crowd arrived, some began to chant. Give them to us. I’m going to burn them! “

The crowd later set fire to some abandoned cars filled with bullet holes that they believed belonged to the suspect. The car didn’t have a license plate, one of which contained an empty bullet and water.

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