Police say a former paramedic who was accused of using eye drops to kill his wife also set fire to a helicopter.

Joshua Hunsucker’s criminal record isn’t long, but the pending accusations against him are nothing short of strange.

A 36-year-old Mount Holly man faces a murder trial in Gaston County. Atrium health Emergency medical personnel have been accused of overdosing eye drops to cause a fatal heart attack in his wife. Hansucker applied for the benefits of his wife’s life insurance policy two days after his wife’s death.

Joshua Han Soccer in December 2019

Joshua Han Soccer in December 2019

Two mothers, 32-year-old Stacy Han Soccer, died on September 23, 2018. Her husband was arrested in 2019, just before Christmas. He was released on a $ 1.5 million bond.

Now he is back in the news in an unexpected way.

A month before being arrested in connection with his wife’s murder, Hansucker deliberately lit equipment in a flying hospital helicopter and forced him Emergency landing Eastern Charlotte, New Charlotte-Mecklenberg police report.

After more than a year of investigation, Hansucker was charged with burning personal property on Monday for a felony. Police reports have identified this as a “syringe pump.” The incident occurred around 1 am on November 26, 2019.

Hansucker was booked and released on Monday with an unsecured $ 50,000 bond, according to records from Mecklenburg County Prison. His next court day is May 18th.

The incident was reported to police by Jason Schwebach, Atrium’s Vice President of Mobile Medicine, according to a CMPD report. The hospital chain fired Hansucker after Hansucker was charged with murder for his wife’s death.

In a statement to observers, the hospital denounced details of the recent arrest of a former employee.

“Nothing is more important than safety to our emergency medical staff, especially to those in flight. If it is true that Mr. Hansucker was charged, he himself and others. It is immeasurable to us that he might have owned him to put him in such a risk, “said the statement. “I am very grateful that the pilot was able to land safely, that no one was injured, especially that the patient was not on board.”

Death by visine

In the murder, Stacy Hansucker is believed to have died of a heart attack. However, as the observer reported at the time, Joshua Hansucker did not allow an autopsy before his wife’s body was cremated. He then raised a $ 250,000 life insurance policy that led to her death.

Visine eye drops were a murder weapon used by a North Carolina man to kill his wife, police say.

A subsequent investigation by the State Department (which also lasted more than a year) found several vials of dead women’s blood stored by companies involved in organ donation.

According to researchers, Stacy Hansucker’s blood contained abnormally high levels of tetrahydrozoline, a decongestant that is the active ingredient in redness-eliminating eye drops.

However, at extreme doses, chemicals can quickly cause heart failure.