Police say a woman in Miami was accused of using an exotic car to seduce a man, take drugs, and steal.

Police arrested a Miami woman who said they wanted to seduce a man with a rented luxury car or an exotic car, give him drugs, and steal an expensive watch.

According to Miami Beach police, one of her recent victims was a man who awoke at Mount Sinai Medical Center after being unknowingly found outside a hotel in Miami Beach on June 4.

A 29-year-old transgender woman identified by police as John Cecil Collins was arrested Wednesday and booked at the Turner Gilford Knight Correction Center on charges of massive theft, sudden snatching robbery, and possession of cocaine. It was. According to records, there was also her arrest warrant.

According to her arrest affidavit, the wave of her crimes dates back to at least February. Miami police say Collins found most of her victims around bars and nightclubs in the Brickell and downtown areas.

Miami police say they are approaching a man wearing an expensive watch and suggesting that he rent a luxury or exotic car. At some point, police say Collins gives them drinks and medicine, which causes them to lose consciousness.

According to the Miami Police Department, the man woke up hours later and noticed that his watch had been stolen. Regarding the June 4th incident in Miami Beach, the arrest affidavit does not say whether anything was stolen from the man.

Detectives believe that there are more casualties and are asking them to contact someone who has experienced something similar or knows something useful for their investigation.

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