Police say Delta’s fighting from Tampa to Atlanta ends with multiple injuries

A woman arriving in Atlanta before Christmas was placed under FBI control after causing an aerial “turbulence” that injured airline passengers and Delta crew members. According to Atlanta police..

It happened on December 23 Delta Air Lines # 2790Departed Tampa, Florida at 4:30 pm and arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport at 6:10 pm.

Atlanta police officers were waiting when the flight landed “in connection with a call for turmoil involving unruly passengers,” officials said in a press release on December 25.

“When the aircraft arrived at the gate, police officers were able to meet the exiting passengers who advised the suspect, Patricia Cornwall, to have caused the turmoil in the air,” officials said.

A video tweeted by ATL Uncensored / Atlanta News showed a man and a woman quarreling on an airplane. It shows that the man was slapped.

A video tweeted by ATL Uncensored / Atlanta News showed a man and a woman quarreling on an airplane. It shows that the man was slapped.

“This turmoil has led to injuries to passengers and Delta employees. Based on the statements and visible evidence gathered, police detained Mr. Cornwall and contacted an FBI agent on call. did.”

Officials said Cornwall was taken to a police station in Atlanta and later detained by the FBI.

Details of the cause of the turmoil and the extent of the injury were not disclosed.

Video recorded on Delta’s flight from Tampa to Atlanta Tweeted by ATL Uncensored / Atlanta News on December 24th. It shows a woman standing in the aisle taunting a seated male passenger.

The crew is seen trying to detain the female. The female slams the man against her face and repeatedly tells her to wear a COVID-19 face mask. (In the video, she pulls her mask under her chin.)

Someone in the video reports that the woman “gets hooked on the plane, hits this man’s face, spits, scratches him, and pours hot water on my feet.”

On November 24, the Department of Justice instructed the US Attorney General to prioritize proceedings against those who “endanger the safety of passengers, crew, and flight attendants.”

“Passengers who assault, intimidate, or threaten flight attendants or flight attendants not only harm these employees, but they perform important missions that help ensure safe air travel. I will hinder you, “Judiciary Secretary Merrick Garland said in the release. “Similarly, if a passenger commits a violent act against another passenger in a small area of ​​a commercial aircraft, that act puts everyone on board at risk.”

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