Police say his colleague was stealing his marijuana.He is now charged with murder

Roland Day was convinced that three of his colleagues ran through his bag and stole his marijuana.

Police reported that he headed to a bus stop near the Home Depot, where he knew there was a trio. I got out of the car with a gun and fired at least seven times.

One of his 21-year-old colleagues was killed and two others were injured.

Day 40 was arrested Thursday, two days after the shooting on Tuesday, and was not detained at the Turner Gilford Night Correction Center in Miami-Dade. He was charged with one murder and two attempted murders.

According to police, Day and the three victims worked at the Tremlon pavement factory in Medley.

Witnesses told police that during the days leading up to the shooting, Day had warned several colleagues to leave the bag, police reported.

On Tuesday, shortly before the shooting, Day asked another colleague where one of the victims was, police said. The worker told him that the victim had already left.

The unidentified victim was walking to a bus stop near the Home Depot at 13895 W. Okeechobee Rd. Around 2 pm, police said surveillance videos from the Home Depot and the fixed-route bus showed a silver sedan being pulled into the parking lot and a tall man walking towards the bus stop and firing from behind. It was. The man then returned to the sedan and took off.

One victim fell down the street after being struck behind. He died on the street. Two other men shot, 66 and 38, were airlifted to the hospital by the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue Team. Their condition was unknown on Friday and police did not identify the victims.

One of the victims told police that Day was yelling at someone in his bag.

On Thursday, police pulled Day for a traffic violation. After obtaining a search warrant, police found a pistol in his car, police said in a report.

Day told police that the victim was “in his bag and stealing marijuana.” He warned the victims not to do it again, saying they “laughed at him and didn’t take him seriously.”

Police later determined that the shell casings found on the scene matched the guns of Day’s car, police said.

Miami Herald staff writers Charles Rabin and David Ovalle contributed to this report..