Police say his son was charged after the body of his mother, who was found dead in a cat, was found in Tennessee.

Police said a 44-year-old man was charged with murder after a part of his mother’s corpse was found covered in clothes in the back bedroom of a Tennessee apartment complex.

Some dead cats were also found.

Brian Acheson arrested, Indicted for first-class murder, Corpse abuse, and exacerbation of animal cruelty, Tennessee quoted a news release from police. Mother and son ported about an hour north of Nashville near the Kentucky border. We lived together in the land.

69-year-old Doris Acheson had no contact from him. From March 2020, And someone who knew her contacted the Tennessee Department of Adult Protection Services last month, WKRN reported.

Police headed to a house shared with her son on South Broadway, Portland, on May 25, according to television stations.

WZTV reported Brian Atchison when they arrived Answered the door I let you put it inside. He told the police that his mother was out of town.

However, police soon discovered that her body was “partially hidden by clothing and other objects,” WZTV reported. They said it was there “for a long time.” I did. According to police, there were several dead cats on the premises.

According to The Tennessean, Brian Acheson “suggested himself” about his mother’s death while being cross-examined by investigators.

According to media reports, he has been detained in Sumner County Jail without bail. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is also supporting the investigation.

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