Police say murder of the son of a former Florida senator captured by a U.S. marshal

According to state prosecutors, the death of the son of former state senator Daphne Campbell was the result of a twisted love triangle. The woman who shot him was a former girlfriend of a woman who spent the night in Jason Campbell’s bed.

On Monday, United States Marshals Service found La Korea Shames Washington, 24, in Port Orange, Florida, and detained her. She was charged with Campbell’s first-class murder at the age of 23. By Tuesday, Washington had not yet been handed over to Miami-Dade.

Miami-Dade police, announcing Washington’s arrest, quoted Mercy’s law and did not name the woman who was in the apartment when Jason Campbell was killed. However, Washington’s arrest warrant claims that when Washington appeared with a gun without notice, the woman barely escaped harm by running out of her apartment and hiding in the laundry room.

“Then she heard gunshots. She didn’t see any shootings or people leaving the scene,” Miami-Dade detective Raquel Mascarena wrote in the report.

In 2015, Washington was arrested on charges including Grand Theft Auto. Court records show that she was sentenced to one year in prison and fined $ 853. In 2019, she was arrested on suspicion of possessing marijuana. She was fined $ 603.

Campbell was found shot dead in the parking lot of the Monte Carlo Apartment Complex on 494 NW 165th St.

At the time, former state legislator and third-term member Daphne Campbell wrote on a Facebook page about his son, “I didn’t know that mothers should bury their children. Rather, children should bury their parents.” It was.

Police found Campbell around 8:30 am on June 1, and then traced blood back to the apartment where the shooting took place.

There they found Shontia Meears, a 24-year-old ex-girlfriend in Washington. Mears told police that Washington had come to the apartment and pushed her in with a gun.

According to police, Mears escaped from the apartment and was hiding in the laundry room. She heard the gunshot, but did not see the shooting or no one was gone.

Surveillance cameras watched the woman enter the apartment a few minutes before the shooting.

Police said Mears identified a police woman as the one who killed her ex-girlfriends Washington and Campbell.

Miami Herald reporter Carli Teproff contributed to this report.

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