Police say the deaths of four people from the same family in Richmond, British Columbia were isolated cases.

Richmond, British Columbia — According to police, two men and two women who died at home after a shooting in Richmond, British Columbia were from the same family.

Sgt. David Lee of the integrated murder investigation team said the identities of the four would not be disclosed until their families were notified.

“This is a tragic loss of life, but we can be sure that the community is not at risk,” Lee said Thursday. “Based on the evidence and other available information gathered on the scene, we can confirm that everyone involved and responsible for the murder was on the scene.

“There are generally no suspects and (we) aren’t looking for additional people.”

He said investigators confirmed that the shooting was an isolated incident and that death was not the result of partner violence.

Lee said one of the deceased had a valid firearm license and access to firearms. He said the family had no known link to criminal activity.

Police said they confirmed that the shooting had happened on Monday night, but two men and two women were found at home on Tuesday.

“(Tuesday) there was a phone call to the British Columbia RCMP for a suspicious event at home, and police immediately responded to check the family,” Lee said when asked about the delay.

He said the investigation warrant was executed on Thursday, allowing police officers to continue the investigation on the scene with the help of the BC Coroners Service and the Integrated Appraisal Section.

According to police, a timeline for the event is under development and motives have not yet been determined.

Investigators are still interviewing witnesses, asking anyone who was in the area on January 24 or has information to contact the murder team.

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