Police say the handyman arrested for the death of his mother in New York had an intimate relationship with her.

Police arrested a few days after the body of a woman was found in a duffel bag on the side of a road in New York City.

On Thursday, the NYPD revealed that police had arrested a 44-year-old man from Queens named David Bonola overnight. They said the man had a close relationship with the victim.

He is currently detained in District 112 and has been charged with murder, criminal tampering, and weapons criminal possession.

NYPD arrested David Bonora for the death of two mothers whose bodies were found in a duffel bag by the road in Queens.  (today)

NYPD arrested David Bonora for the death of two mothers whose bodies were found in a duffel bag by the road in Queens. (today)

Orsolya Gaal’s body was found on April 16 in a neighborhood near his home in Queens.

Two 51-year-old mothers I stabbed my neck, torso, and left arm 58 times.Law enforcement sources said NBC New York..

Sources said NBC New York Goal had an additional wound on her hand, probably the result of her attempt to repel the attacker.

At a press conference on Thursday, New York Police Department detective James Essig told reporters that Bonora was approached by the detective on Wednesday night and was voluntarily arrested for “guilty remarks.”

Esig further explained that Bonora had a close relationship with the deceased and met the goal at home after midnight on Friday night.

“Mr. Bonora was a handyman hired by Mrs. Girl,” he said. “They had an intimate relationship for about two years.”

There was a “fierce debate” between the pair, and Essig said, “Our victims were mercilessly and brutally stabbed more than 55 times, causing her death.”

Essig further states: “This study is still preliminary. There is still a lot to do.”

Bonora is alleged to have killed Goal in the basement of his house.

Surveillance footage from a nearby home security camera obtained by NBC New York before Bonora was arrested showed an interested person moving a duffel bag along 75th Avenue. Jogger found a duffel bag on Saturday morning and called 911.

Traces of blood led the police to Goal’s house half a mile away.

Sources also told NBC New York that the murderer sent a threatening message to her husband from Gaal’s own cell phone at 5 am on Saturday, just three and a half hours before the body was found.

When the horrifying discoveries were made, Gaal’s husband and her eldest son were leaving home to visit a university on the west coast. Police believe the couple’s 13-year-old son may have been at home with Gaal when she was killed.