Police say the Pittsburgh Uber driver begged her life before being killed by a rider.

Uber’s driver and four mothers begged passengers for the rest of their lives before shooting her to death in a robbery attempt this monthAccording to criminal charges and Pennsylvania police.

Calvin Crew, 22, was arrested on February 17 and charged with murder, robbery, and falsification of evidence. Christina Spixa, 38, is a Uber fare.

When Spicuzza welcomed the crew as a passenger on Uber on the night of February 10, he pointed his gun at her. According to a criminal complaint filed in the Pittsburgh City Court..

According to the complaint, in the dashcam footage, Spixa tells the perpetrator, “Now, I have a family … please, I have four children.”

According to GPS records, Spicuzza drove several areas with the crew as passengers, and phone history revealed that several money transfer apps were accessed on her phone while driving.

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According to Allegheny County police, Spixa’s body was discovered on February 12 by an Amazon driver by the side of the road. She died from a gunshot wound on her head.

“Leaving four children without a mother was a pointless murder. It’s heartbreaking for Christina’s children and her family,” Allegheny County Assistant Superintendent Victor Joseph said at a press conference on Friday. Told.

Authorities sought to determine what could have been stolen from Spicuzza and whether the crew’s girlfriend would be criminally liable for ordering Uber on his behalf.

In response to the incident When Uber A spokeswoman told USA Today on Sunday Banned the accounts of the person who ordered the trip and the suspect.

“Families don’t have to suffer such unimaginable losses. Our thoughts are with Christie’s loved ones during this difficult time,” Uber said in a statement. “We are in contact with law enforcement agencies to assist in the investigation and are grateful for everything they have done.”

According to police, there is no reason to believe that the crew and Spixa know each other.

“In my experience, this is unusual in Alligainy County … Thankfully, it doesn’t happen that often,” Joseph said. “Often there is a relationship between the actor and the victim. In this situation, we know nothing.”

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