Police search for suspect in four attempted kidnappings in Denton area

Officials suspect that the man tried to kidnap four women in Denton County over the weekend.

on Sunday, A man tried to lure a woman into a car Around 12:35 pm at Lake Sharon between FM2499 and Oakmont. The suspect wore a hoodie, sunglasses and a medical mask, Corinthians said on Facebook. He didn’t show the gun.

the first The reported kidnapping attempt was Corinthians Thursday evening, police said. A man approaches a woman sitting on the front porch on the 100th block of Bar Street. He told the woman to be quiet and come with him. The woman ran away and entered the house where she called the police.

Around 11:30 am on Saturday, a woman was jogging in Corinth near Oakmont and Park Parisases, and a gray sedan was pulled up next to her. According to Corinthian police, the driver showed her a gun and told her to get in the car. When the man yelled at her and shook her gun, Jogger ran away and she found a nearby house and asked for help.

About 15 minutes later, another woman walking 2000 blocks on Delmar Court reported that the man was pulled up next to him while the dog was walking. I showed her a gun and told her to get in the car. She boarded a gray sedan, but was able to get out of the car a little later, Denton police said.

Denton’s victim described the suspect as probably a black man in his twenties, with short hair and a black mask. The vehicle is an old silver or light blue SUV with a dark interior. Police have released a photo of the vehicle.

According to police, if you find a suspicious person in the car matching the description, call 911. If someone recognizes the vehicle and believes they know the suspect, call 940-349-7812.