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What we know about the victims of the Indianapolis mass shootings

Law enforcement agencies in Indianapolis have identified eight people killed in a shooting at a FedEx facility on Thursday. Overall: The Sikh Coalition has stated that at least four of the eight victims are members of the Sikh community in Indianapolis. Get the right market news for your time at Axios Markets. Subscribe for free. What we know: Marion County Coroners Office and Indianapolis City Police announced the names of the victims on Friday. Matthew Alexander, 32 Samaria Blackwell, 19 Amarjito Johar, 66 Cowl, 64 Jaswinder Singh, 68 Amargit Sekon, 48 Carlismis, 19 John Weisert, 74. Sekon is the only source of income for his two sons, and his husband told The Washington Post that his family was paralyzed by his birth disability, according to WISH-TV. Cowl was a grandmother, and her grandchildren called her Naniji. According to The New York Times, she missed her granddaughter’s second birthday on Saturday. Her family said she was 50, and Shin started working at the FedEx facility this week, sorting mail at night shifts. According to the Times, he has never received his first check. Weisert had been married to his wife Carol for nearly 50 years, she told WISH-TV. She wanted them to reach that milestone. According to the Times, Weisert’s wife urged him to retire and said he could quit his job or take a summer vacation next month.19-year-old Brandon Hall said police arrived at the scene. Dived deeper, according to law enforcement agencies, who committed suicide before: Suspected in a Fedex shooting case identified as 19-year-old former employee Brandon Tysinger Editor’s Note: This story reveals additional information about the victims Will be updated when Axios Market.Subscribe for free