Police seek help in finding a robber who beat an Asian man in Cincinnati

Cincinnati police are seeking help in identifying suspects. Robbery and assault The case of an Asian-American man in Pendleton, the case officials said on Monday, is not racially motivated.

The 30-year-old victim was walking 1400 blocks on Sycamore Street around 5 pm on April 14, when an unidentified suspect was approaching. Fox19 report.

The suspect began beating behind the man’s head and fell to the ground.

Police said the suspect took the victim’s belongings and fled the scene with a light blue Nissan Altima, which could be a colored window and a temporary license plate in Ohio.

Police said in a statement Monday that the victims were targeted for reasons other than race.

“There is no sign that the victim’s race or ethnicity was involved in the incident.” The police said.

Authorities have not stated what was robbed of the victims, Seeker report.

Ice cream shop Pendleton Parlor, who captured and shared a video of the attack via Facebook, announced that it would offer a $ 1,000 reward for information that could lead to arrest.

“Help us identify this guy.” I read the post. “This happened on the corner of Sycamore, just outside Ziegler Park, on the 13th (around 5:10 pm yesterday). The ice cream parlor was the information that led to the man’s identity and arrest (and free summer ice cream). I’ll give you $ 1,000 for Cream). The neighborhood takes this seriously. ”

authorities Description The suspect is a white man in his thirties with black hair, about 6 feet tall and weighing about 200 pounds.He was “I’m wearing blue jeans, a dark long-sleeved shirt, and gray / red / white gym shoes.”

The ice cream shop Facebook page later shared an image of the suspect, in addition to more information about the suspect.

“This is the best picture of an attacker we have found.” I read the caption. “If you can help identify this man, please send us a personal message. The incident happened last Wednesday around 510 pm. He was the 2010 Nissan Maxima-Light Gray. Or light blue-temporary license plate-leaved on m268985. “

If you have any information, please call the Cincinnati Police Department (513-352-3511) or the Crime Stopper (513-352-3040).

Feature image via Pendleton parlor

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