Police shot fatally the driver after a short chase in Marietta, Georgia


Georgia police I shot and killed the driver Officials said Thursday that they were “driving irregularly” before leading a police officer near Atlanta.

Fatal The conflict began on Wednesday around 3:30 pm When “Cobb County police officers observed the vehicle being recklessly driven” near Powder Springs Road and State Highway 120A in Marietta, about 20 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta. Georgia Bureau of Investigation said..

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According to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, a 28-year-old Austell-based driver named Devonte Dawain Brown “pulled at first, but refused to obey and hurried away.”

Police and Cobb County Sheriff’s agent tracked Brown, “at some point police tried to put a box in the car,” state officials said.

“During this incident, Brown ran away and tried to hit multiple police cars,” the GBI statement continued. “While police officers were trying to detain Brown, Cobb County police officers fired his gun and beat Brown.”

The driver was taken to the hospital where he was sentenced to death.

“A pistol was found in the car,” but a GBI statement did not specify whether he had picked up the weapon before Brown was killed or aimed it at the police.

GBI spokeswoman Nelly Miles refused to elaborate.

“The case is still very early, so at this point the case is under investigation and there is no other information to report at this time,” she said.

A Cobb County police representative declined to comment and introduced all questions to the state authorities taking over the investigation.

Brown’s family was not immediately asked for comment.