Police were called in for long waits outside Montreal’s passport office, the size of the crowd


The Federal Minister for Canadian Passports calls the situation at Montreal’s passport office unacceptable.

Family Minister Karina Gould said senior management is in Montreal and hired 600 additional people to deal with delays in passport processing across Canada.

Montreal police say they were called to a passport office in downtown this morning because of a large crowd waiting to book their passports.

More than 150 people were waiting in the office after noon. Some of them told the Canadian press that they had arrived the night before, hoping to get inside to update their travel documents.

Florent Cohen, who had been waiting since 4am, said authorities said almost nothing to the waiting people and the information provided was inconsistent.

Quebec minister Sonia LeBel, who is in charge of relations with Canada, says it is ridiculous for people to go camping to get a passport, and she takes immediate action from Ottawa to process the request. I asked for.

Canadian press