Policemen survive a knife attack in the French city of Riviera in Cannes

Police cars are reportedly seen at a police station injured after being stabbed with a knife in Cannes, France, on November 8, 2021. (Twitter / ECiotti / via Reuters)

Paris — A police officer who survived a knife attack in the city of the French Riviera in Cannes on Monday emerged from an intact attack and was saved by his bulletproof vest from serious injuries or even worse, said Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin. ..

The perpetrator suffered a life-threatening injury after being shot by another police officer.

The Algerian people held an Italian residence permit, were legally in France, and were not on the French watch list of individuals who appear to have Muslim sympathy, the minister said.

“Although it was psychologically devastating, police officers have never been injured, so I think I can sigh with confidence today,” Dharmanin told reporters in Cannes.

The attack tells voters that President Emmanuel Macron controls security and violent crimes six months before the elections, when right-wing and conservatives pose the greatest threat to his hopes for reelection. It happens when you try to persuade.

Eric Chiotti, a conservative lawmaker in southeastern France who is challenging the centre-right mainstream presidential election, did not provide evidence, but called the case a terrorist attack.

French Parliamentarian Eric Ciotti (R) visits police station
French MP Eric Ciotti (R) visited the police station and reportedly injured a police officer after being stabbed with a knife in Cannes, France, on November 8, 2021. (Twitter / ECiotti / via Reuters)

The investigation is currently in the hands of local prosecutors, not the state’s counterterrorism prosecutors.

Dalmanin said it was too early to know the suspect’s motivation.

The case was “sick”, said Mayor of Cannes, David Listenerd.

Cannes is a glamorous Mediterranean resort popular with celebrities and big names, with an annual Cannes Film Festival.

The attacker opened the door of a police car parked in front of the police station and stabbed a police officer in the car.

He then tried to attack a second police officer in the car, but a third fired and seriously injured the perpetrator.

The attack coincided with the trial of Sarah Abdeslam, the only surviving member of the Islamic state’s cell, which launched a gun and bomb attack at a recreational facility in Paris in November 2015, killing 130 people.

Dominique Vidaron